Test Equipment For Sale by  Dave GM6KGZ  16th January 2022


Rigol DSA 815 Spectrum Analyzer with built-in Tracking Generator

9 KHz  to  1.5 GHz     8"  Colour Screen

Plus:  Tekbox  RF Accessory Set

Boxed and in mint condition

            £  450  SOLD



Hantek  DSO  1060  Portable Rechargeable Digital Oscilloscope / Multimeter

60 MHz  Dual Channel   5,7"  Colour Screen   

With Fitted Carrying Case

Boxed and in mint condition

            £  90


Cleqee / Juntek  Combined Function Generator & Frequency Counter

Function Generator  60 MHz 2 Channels BNC

Frequency Counter   1Hz  to  100 MHz  BNC

2.4"  Colour Screen

With Mains Adapter /  Connecting Cables / Operating Instructions

Boxed and in mint condition

            £  50


RF Explorer  Hand-Held  RF Signal Generator  24 MHz  to  6 GHz.

Metal Cased   Backlit LCD Screen


With  Telescopic Antenna and  USB Cable

Boxed and in mint condition

            £  60


Tel:  0131 539 2858

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Dave 6

GM1CNH Equipment Sale

Updated: 31 December 2021

>>Items on HOLD<<

Item Description


Alinco HF Mobile Whip Antenna 2.7 m mobile whip; antenna mounting bracket and spring; adjustable vehicle mounting bracket; heavy duty; boxed. NEW


Anritsu MT8820A Radio Communication Analyser 30 MHz to 2.7 GHz, spectrum analyser, 2G/3G mobile phone tester, output power, modulation, RF signal generation,


Badger Boards HF Antenna folded dipole antenna with balun N(f) connector, heavy duty centre spacer, termination resistor; 1.5 MHz to 30 MHz; requires 2 x 50 ft antenna wire and insulators. NEW


Bird Electronics 4C25 Power Sensor 100 MHz to 250 MHz, forward 25 W, reflected 10 W, N(f) connectors.


Clansman PRC-320 Hand Cranked Generator Electrical Generator Hand Operated, NSN 5820-99-114-3390. Charge battery or power radio set, 28 V output.


Diamond MX-3000 Triplexer 144/432/1296 MHz. Conectors: common N(f), LPF PL259, BPF PL259, HPF N(m); 400/200/100 W. NEW


Eimac 4CX250R NOS Eimac 4CX250R. High performance ruggedized tetrode (not to be confused with more common 4CX250B). 300 W output. NEW


Generac (Briggs and Stratton) Promax 4500A Generator 230 V/14.6 A, 115 V/29.2 A; 11 litre long run tank, > 10 hour running @ 50% load; analogue electronic automatic voltage regulation (AVR); accumulated running hours, 156; rated electrical output 3.4 kW, peak output 4.2 kW; additional in-line (replaceable) fuel filter modification; user and servicing manuals.


Icom FA-8270A VHF/UHF dual band antenna; 145/433 MHz; BNC(m) connector; length 13 cm.


Icom FL-100 CW narrow filter, 500 Hz


Icom IC-290D 2 m band multimode mobile transceiver; 144 MHz to 146 MHz, 25 W, 12 VDC; mobile mounting bracket; original manual. One segment of one of the digits does not illuminate, otherwise good condition.


Icom OPC-589 microphone adapter cable, RJ45 to 8-pin round


Icom OPC-599 adapter cable 13-pin to 7-pin + 8-pin


Icom PS-35 internal fitting power supply


Kemwood AT-50 Automatic Antenna Matching Unit


Kemwood KMC-17 speaker microphone


Kenwood MC-80 microphone (boxed)


Kenwood SO-3 TCXO NEW


Kenwood SP-23 speaker


Linear Amp Heatherlite hands-free microphone and PTT control box with up/down frequency buttons; 8 pin modular plug for Kenwood radios.


LMW Electronics Ltd Linear Amplifier 1.3 GHz, 20 W output, 4 W drive, 12 - 14 VDC.


MFJ-1278B radio multimode data controller, built in mailbox; quick start manual and full manual.


Microwave Modules Linear Amplifier 144 MHz to 146 MHz, 200 W output, 12 - 14 VDC, BNC(f) i/p, N(f) o/p.


Mirage D-1010-N Linear Amplifier 430 MHz to 450 MHz, 100 W output, 10 W drive, 12 - 14 VDC, N(f) i/o.


Moonraker CS201 SPDT RF switch SO239 connectors


SMC T3-170L VSWR/power meter


Wurth Elektronik Ferrite Type 7427155 clip-on ferrite. NEW


X-Band TWT Linear Amplifier Commercial 20 W 10 GHz TWT amplifier; complete with all power supplies and protection circuitry; 230 V 50 Hz primary input power supply.


Yaesu SP-767 external speaker; two inputs, A/B selectable; two selectable low pass filters, three selectable high pass filters.



Various HF/VHF/UHF mobile antennas from £10, including magnetic mount from £20.

Coaxial cable: RG58; RG213; U10; H10, LDF4-50; M17/113. RF connectors N(m/f); PL259, SO239; BNC(m/f).

Other items of new and used equipment available.

Contact:- Norman GM1CNH jacobite-at-btinternet-dot-com.

07740 946 192 (m), 0131 467 2828 (h)

For Sale by  Dave GM6KGZ  - Tecsun HX-501x  Large Multiband Receiver

LW / MW / SW LSB / USB / Synchronus  Reception / FM Stereo  / Audio Player / Bluetooth

Boxed and in mint condition - £160

Tel:  0131 539 2858 Dave 6



For Sale by  Dave GM6KGZ - 12th May


iPhone 6s - 16Gb -  Space Grey

Model Number:  MKQJ2B/A

Software Version:  14.5.1

Boxed as New

Apple Earbuds unopened Charger unused


Tecknet Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

Folding Stand

Protective Back with foldaway stand

Spare Apple Charger

Spare USB to Lightning Cables


A bargain at £ 100

Tel:  0131 539 2858

Dave 6