ANTENNAS M2 432-13WLA Antenna (used) 70 cm band antenna, top quality USA design and construction; gain 20.5 dBi; F/B ratio 22 dB; VSWR < 1.2:1; power handling 1 kW; weight 5.5 kg; N (f) connector, very good condition.  PRICE: £100
Racal Military VHF Dipole Kit (new) Racal Military VHF Dipole Kit: 20 m RG58, terminated BNC, support/guying clips; dipole centre, BNC; throwing weight; hoisting line and spool; support guys; 30 – 38 MHz dipole; 38 -45 MHz dipole; 45 – 60 MHz dipole; 60 – 76 MHz dipole; dipole kit case. PRICE: £100
Watson W-30 Antenna (new) Dual-band co-linear vertical antenna; 2 m, 70 cm bands; gain 3 dBi (2 m), 6 dBi (70 cm); VSWR < 1.5:1; length 1.15 m; weight 0.9 kg; SO239 connector. PRICE: £40
Diamond V-2000 Antenna (used) Tri-band co-linear vertical antenna; 6 m, 2 m, 70 cm bands; gain 2.15 dBi (6 m), 6.2 dBi (2 m); 8.4 dBi (70 cm); VSWR < 1.5:1; length 2.5 m; weight 1.2 kg; SO239 connector. PRICE: £35
Diamond (Mastpro) A144S10R Antenna (new) 2 m band lightweight portable antenna, easily assembled with swivel folding elements and thumbscrews, no tools required; frequency range 144 MHz to 146 MHz; gain 11.6 dBi; F/B ratio 15 dB; VSWR < 1.3:1; weight 1.1 kg; SO239 connector.  PRICE: £50 

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Diamond (Mastpro) A430S15R Antenna (new) 70 cm band lightweight portable antenna, easily assembled with swivel folding elements and thumbscrews, no tools required; frequency range 430 MHz to 440 MHz; gain 14.8 dBi; F/B ratio 14 dB; VSWR < 1.4:1; weight 0.97 kg; SO239 connector.  PRICE: £50
Racal Military VHF Set Antenna (new) Part Number 711152, length 114 cm (19 cm folded) . PRICE: £10
AMPLIFIERS Dressler D70 300 W 430 MHz Linear Amplifier (used) Includes spare NOS Eimac 4CX250R. Valves currently selling for over $300 (not to be confused with more common 4CX250B). 5 W drive for 300 W output. PRICE: £500
LMW Electronics Ltd Linear Amplifier (used) 1.3 GHz, 20 W output, 4 W drive, 12 VDC. PRICE: £125
Kuhne 130 W 1300 MHz Linear Amplifier Kit (new) Kuhne 130 W LDMOS PA module with fitted heat sink; input attenuators for 10 W drive (250 mW drive nominal); SMA coaxial input relay; choice of coaxial output relay, SMA or N type; 4 channel sequencer; 3U enclosure; 30 V 10 A linear PSU; PTFE equipment wire and accessory components. PRICE: £600
X-Band TWT Linear Amplifier (used) Commercial 20 W 10 GHz TWT amplifier; complete with all power supplies and protection circuitry; 230 V 50 Hz primary input power supply. PRICE: £300

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SSB Electronics Masthead Pre-Amp Sequencer (used) SSB Electronics DCW 15-SHF Sequencer; 23/13 cm band operation; 100 W RF rated; coaxial feed dc coupling for masthead Rx pre-amp remote control; Rx pre-amp and power amplifier sequenced switching. PRICE: £100
INSTRUMENTATION Armco SWR-25 (new) VSWR and RF power meter; dual meters (power and VSWR); 1 kW; 3.5 MHz to 150 MHz; SO-239 connectors; made in Japan. PRICE: £25
R&S 5 GHz Spectrum Analyser (used) Rohde & Schwarz FSB spectrum analyser; 100 Hz to 5 GHz; internal 10 MHz reference; dual integral calibrators; AM and FM receiver modes; 6 inch colour display. PRICE: £600
ACCESSORIES Yaesu FRB-757 Relay Box (new) PTT amplifier interface, isolates transceiver PTT switching circuit from amplifier. PRICE: £20
Clansman PRC-320 Hand Generator (used) Generator Electrical Hand Operated, NSN 5820-99-114-3390. Charges battery or powers radio set, 28 V output. PRICE: £50 
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COAXIAL CABLE AND ACCESSORIES RG58 (new) 5 mm cable PRICE: £0.50/m
RG213 (new) 10 mm cable PRICE: £1/m
U10 – Ultraflex 10 (new) Similar to Ecoflex 10; 10 mm high performance cable; core 7x1 mm electrical performance: insertion loss (28 MHz); 0.021 dB/m; (1.3 GHz) 0.164 dB/m Max. power (28 MHz) 3.2 kW; (1.3 GHz) 445 W PRICE: £2/m
H10 – Hyperflex 10 (new) Similar to Ecoflex 10; 10 mm high performance cable; super flexible core 19x0.59 mm for rotator bypass; electrical performance: insertion loss (28 MHz) 0.021; (1.3 GHz) 0.155 dB/m Max. power (28 MHz) 3.3 kW; (1.3 GHz) 449 W PRICE: £2/m
LDF4-50 (used) Andrew (CommScope) 15 mm heliax cable PRICE: £2/m
Clip-on Ferrites (new) Wurth Elektronik type 7427155. These ferrites will take three turns of 10 mm coax cable. PRICE: £3

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Connectors (new) Male/Female in-line connectors available for all cable types sold, including 2.8 mm and 3 mm core diameter N types. PRICE: from £3
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