LRS Archive

In this section of the Lothians website we have collected together the surviving material from the Lothians' history, starting with its founding in 1947. This includes documentation of LRS committees, membership, meetings and other events, publications and photographs. A surprising amount of material has been preserved, but naturally there are gaps, especially in the earliest years. We are particularly short of photographs of the early history of the Lothians. The webmaster (Alan GM3PSP) would really like to hear from any members from those days, who have material that they would be willing to contribute to this site. Photographs, membership cards, documents etc can be scanned and returned to the owner. We look forward to hearing from you!  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Select the section of the archive from the list below.

Annual lists of Committee members, LRS meetings and events, and LRS members.

Apology - the order of some of the years is currently not chronological and will be corrected asap.


Miscellaneous LRS documents


An archive of committee membership by year.

This data is being incorporated into "LRS Annual Summaries" and will be discontinued when this is complete.


Radio clubs - past and present - in the Edinburgh area.

Printed newsletters and previous websites.


Photographs from the early years of LRS


Archive of old radio news posted on the LRS website


In this section are listed the Silent Key (Obituary) notices for members and former members of the Lothians Radio Society and other local Radio Amateurs.


Links to radio websites (especially museums so far) and videos of Amateur Radio.