Peter GM4DTH has kindly provided these photographs by David Stockton GM4ZNX of an LRS Junk Sale held at the Orwell Lodge Hotel on 8th November 2000. Sadly it contains a number of members who are now SKs. The photos were scanned in October 2020. 

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 Enter Tommy GM1GEQ with a nice box of junk.



 Rear: Peter GM4DTH, Brian GM8BJF, Pete GM4BYF, John GM7REG.

Mid: Brian GM4DIJ, Colin Brady?, Tommy GM1GEQ, Toby MM1TSS/now MM0TSS, Charlie GM0OYV, George  GM3UM.

Front: Laurence GM1BKF.


 Introduction by Norrie GM1CNH, watched by Brian GM4DIJ.


Bill GM3KIG & Charlie GM0OYV


Norrie GM1CNH (R) writes: The item Lawrence GM1BKF is holding is a dummy duck which went quack.

It was quickly marketed as a DRAKE! Strange but true!


 Tommy GM1GEQ & Norrie GM1CNH


 Tommy - "sold to the guy at the back"!


Here's a piece of history - a monitor with a cathode ray tube!


Charlie GM0OYV with a very nice Grundig Satellit 1400SL Professional SW receiver. This was bought for about £25 (a bargain) by Toby MM1TSS/now MM0TSS who reports (2020) that it is still in daily use, working perfectly.