This was an expedition to Inchkeith Island in the Firth of Forth near Edinburgh by Norrie Stewart GM1CNH and Rob Hemesley MM1RAH plus the "skipper" of the boat. It was made in preparation for a trip to St Kilda. Norrie operated VHF and Rob was on HF. Mni tnx to Norrie for sharing these photos.



(Map added by webmaster - Inchkeith is a small island in the middle of the Firth of Forth to the north of Edinburgh).



IN the harbour at Inchkeith. Must be nice to have friends with yachts!


Rob Hemesley MM1RAH and the "skipper" of the boat. 


Inchkeith lighthouse.


Abandoned gear in one of the outhouses, possibly a generator station..


Official antenna mast on the island. (Eat your heart out)!


Location of the two stations beside the harbour.



Rob MM1RAH operating his HF station.


 Rob MM1RAH.


Nice view of the harbour from Norrie's VHF station..


The 144MHz station consisted of an Icom IC-275 plus BNOS 160W linear to a Mastpro 10-element beam.


Norrie working 'em on 2m.


 The GM1CNH 144MHz log.