Vic Imamura JA5VQ / MM0JVQ died on 8th January 2017 in Japan at the age of 74. Vic was a member of the LRS and made annual visits to Edinburgh for a number of years, staying in a flat at Morningside and attending LRS meetings and the annual barbecue along with his XYL Keiko JG5JUS. (Photo c/o


Vic's impressive aerial farm in Japan.

Vic's good friend Ken Dons GM0AXY provided the following background for him:

'I first got to know Vic and Keiko some 18-20 years ago. Vic was a Systems Engineer with a bias towards Electronics and he spent most of his working life within the chemical and petro-chemical industries. Which is how I came to get to know him as he worked on a DCS (Distributed Control System) from Honeywell (TDC3000) for which I was involved in providing a Training Simulator whilst working for Marconi Simulation and Training.
Vic, like myself, took early retirement and as I could provide him and Keiko some background on what was on offer here in Scotland, and Edinburgh in particular, they decided to come over for a short stay. This became an annual visit lasting some 4-6 months at a time. Getting a visitor visa to the UK for such a long  time each year was a bit of a challenge, and I supported their visa applications by provided a UK based invitation and reference.
Vic’s funeral takes place in Tokyo this Saturday, 14th January and in accordance with the Japanese custom, Keiko will be attending a weekly Remembrance Ceremony for about a month before she returns home to Ehime'.
Vic gave a very interesting talk on Amateur Radio in Japan on 12 September 2012 (click for Link).
The following is a selection of photos of Vic taken at LRS events including summer barbecues and Pub Nights.
Vic JA5VQ, Malcolm GM3TAL, Vic GM3OWU. 
Mats SM7DXQ, Vic JA5VQ 
Pete GM4BYF, Vic GM3OWU, Alan GM3PSP, Vic JA5VQ, Peter GM4DTH 
Cheers, Vic.