John Lloyd MacDonald GM4XZN, of Currie, Midlothian became a silent key on 23rd April 2019 at the age of 87. 

After a career as a GPO field engineer, he had been a member of the LRS and Lothians Raynet.


John spent many years "up the pole" repairing telephone lines in the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

This, and the following photos are taken from talks which he gave at LRS meetings (click on title to view):

"GPO Vans in the Queerest of Places" (10 Nov 2010) 

"1948-1968: 20 Years with the Post Office Engineering Department in the Scottish Highlands" (22 Feb 2017) 






 John shows his treasured (and genuine, of course) "GPO Key".


John (R) taking questions after one of his LRS talks.


John and his wife Betty, who pre-deceased him in 2015, attended many LRS Barbecues and Christmas Curries.


John was also a member of Lothians Raynet for many years and attended their Annual Dinners with Betty.


We shall never know what story John was telling Gavin GM4GVJ!


John was a supporter of "Friends of the Pentlands". 


Sadly, John was predeceased by a few days by his son John "Mac" who had a distinguished career at BT as an IT engineer. Their joint funeral at Mortonhall was attended by a number of members of the LRS and Lothians Raynet.