24 Dec 2022 - SAQ Grimeton Christmas Eve transmission on 17.2kHz CANCELLED due to Covid Infections among crew. Click for SAQ news.


07 Dec 1931 - HISTORY: Coaxial cable was invented on this date.


23 Nov 2022 - Lancaster bomber cockpit reconstructed, including R1155 & T1154.

Photo c/o Daily Mail

Click for full story.


22 Nov 1906 - HISTORY: The international CW emergency signal SOS was adopted on this date.  ( ... --- ... )    


15 Nov 2022 - Peter GM4DTH received his first MF Amateur Radio beacon SA6RR, Sweden, on 478.94kHz.



Sat 10 Dec 2022 - MOC Goudie Lecture: 

' A Big Idea: A Thread Across the Ocean”.

By Dr Alan Walker MBE, Chair of the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation. (see https://clerkmaxwellfoundation.org/ )
Formerly University of Edinburgh.
This lecture tells the story of the pioneering transatlantic telegraph cables.
This will be the MoC 'Christmas Special' with a buffet lunch to follow. It will take place at 11 am on Saturday 10 December 2022; attendance in person (RSVP required to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or by Zoom. 
NOTE: in-person lecture and lunch now FULLY-BOOKED but Zoom still available.
Final Zoom received at GM3PSP

22 Nov 1906 - HISTORY:

The international CW emergency signal SOS was adopted on this date.


16 Nov 2022 - Radio Amateurs will track Artemis-1 Moon Mission.

Photo c/o NASA. Click for story.

LATEST: Artemis 1 was launched on 16 Nov 2022.

Click for full details.



MoC Chairman, Prof Tom Stevenson, was interviewed via Zoom by BBC Radio Orkney. One of their staff, Huw Williams, had attended his lecture at the Orkney International Science Festival in September and wanted to include some of the material in a special local programme that they are preparing to celebrate the BBC centenary. It will last for an hour and will go out at 18:00h on Monday 14 November. You can listen live at:


Sunday 30th Oct 2022 - Galashiels Rally

Volunteer Hall, St John Street, 11:00 GMT (Change clocks)!

New book at SBRG stall: £10.00. "Border Radio Pioneers & WW2"



to Charlie Duncan GM6MUZ

Coordinator of the Lothians RAYNET Group, who has been awarded the RSGB RAYNET Cup 2022 "for his meticulous preparation, co-ordination & dedication to duty on behalf of the Scottish team of RAYNET members on Operation Unicorn". (Procedures following Queen's death at Balmoral Castle).


22 Oct 2022 - GMRT-2022 at MoC, Burntisland. 

Lecture Program:

Roger Blackwell GM4PMK: "EME from the Hebrides - an Update 10 years on".

Brian Howie GM4DIJ: "OpenEMS for Microwaves".

The GM4LBV Projects Trophy - judges Ian White GM3SEK & David Stockton GM4ZNX.

Malcolm Hamilton GM3TAL: "Microwaves - theory & practice or 5 different ways to cook eggs".

Pete Bates GM4BYF: "122GHz Operations & Experiences".

Click for Full Program.

Click for GMRT website. 


21 Oct 2022 - ARCHIVES:

Here is a photo from 1987 which has been rediscovered recently:

Kay Bates GM6KAY (R) (XYL Pete GM4BYF) with Mary G6BID running the stand of BYLARA (British Young Ladies Amateur Radio Association) at the RSGB Birmingham NEC exhibition in 1987.

(Ham Radio Today, June 1988).


15 Oct 2022 - MoC Goudie Lecture - Music Synthesisers by Paul Mauchline.

Lecture followed by lunch. Also on Zoom. Pre-booking essential.


7-9 Oct 2022 - RSGB 2022 Convention at Milton Keynes.

Live and with streamed lectures.



8 Sep 2022 - Aurora as seen from Space - click.


3 Sept 2022 RSGB 2m Trophy

Congrats to LRS member Brian GM4DIJ who came 3rd out of 17 in the 6h Open Section.


23 Aug 2022 - Aurora on Jupiter:

Jupiter has aurora too. James Webb telescope.


8 Aug 2022 - Alan Dimmick GM0USI featured in Times article about his latest photo exhibition about Glasgow.


27 July 2022 - MOC Lecture by Dr Tom Stevenson.

13 July 2022 - WRTH-2022 will be the last.

The 2022 edition of World Radio & TV Handbook will be the last to be published. 

(Tnx Colin GM4HWO).

21 June 2022 - MoC Goudie Lecture - 'The Origins of British Broadcasting' by John Blackie.

12 June 2022 - One Acorn Too Many!  (Tnx Briain GM8PKL)

Click for video.

5 June 2022 - SOTA on BBC-1 Countryfile on Sunday 5th June at 6:00pm. (Tnx GB2RS)

31 May 2022 - New-Style RSGB RadCom Basics is available online to all. (Click).

20-22 May 2022 - DAYTON HAMVENTION & USAF MUSEUM - Brian GM8BJF was there! 

Space Shuttle at USAF Museum

Click for report with many photos.

18 May 2022 - Transatlantic Tests Centenary

Click to view RSGB YouTube video (12 mins).

14 May 2022 - MoC Goudie Lecture 'Development of the Cavity Magnetron' by Prof. Peter Grant.

8 May 2022 - 11:00-16:00 UTC+01:00 - RSGB May Microwave Contest at Lauder Common. GM3HAM/P was operated on 432MHz by Norrie GM1CNH & Peter GM4DTH. MF Rx for Aircraft NDBs. Organizer: Norrie GM1CNH.

4th May - 24 Sept 2022 - MUSEUM OF COMMUNICATION 2022 Exhibition: Celebrating 100 Years of Broadcasting

Weds & Sats, 11:00-16:00h. Entrance free. Donations welcomed.

Final preparations. Courtesy MoC.


26 Apr 2022 - CONGRATULATIONS - LRS member Colin Murray GM4EAU has won the RSGB CONSTRUCTORS' CONTEST 2022 (Software Section) with his WATT software (WSPR Analysis & Traffic Tool). There were 30 entries in the Constructors' Contest. Click for full LRS website article, including RSGB certificate. Colin talked on this subject to the LRS on 10th Nov 2021 - Ciick. At the LRS AGM on 8th June 2022 it was proposed that Colin be awarded the LRS Osprey Trophy for this achievement. The Feb 2023 issue of RadCom p.16 carried an article by Colin about his award.

24 Apr 2022 - Norbreck (Blackpool) Rally

Details: https://narsa.org.uk/

Click for photos.

2022-04-20 - Wanted - R1155 Receiver, any condition, for restoration project. Ian Sheffield GM3VEI (Dunbar). Via GM3PSP.

Vintage R1155B RAF WWII AIRCRAFT Shortwave Radio Receiver Converted With Power

9 Apr 2022 - MOC Goudie lecture "Pirates!" by James Gentles GM4WZP (LRS). 

9 Apr 2022 - GMDX Convention, King Robert Hotel, Bannockburn. Face-to-face, not Zoom. Hope to video-record talks.

25 Mar 2022 - Dumped Russian unit in Ukraine may hold military secrets re jamming drones & satellites and tracking NATO military aircraft up to 180 miles.

Photo courtesy Times.    UA1XYZ/M ?

21 Mar 2022 - University of Edinburgh Electronics & Computer Science student, Jiaxun Yang GM3HSO / BH5HSO is trying to form an informal radio club. (RadCom 2022/4, p.13).

Jiaxun is also a member of the joint University of Edinburgh / Edinburgh Napier University Asteria student satellite development group which is planning to build an amateur radio satellite, Oracle-1 and have it launched by December 2023. (Click). 

10 Mar 2022 - MOC-2022 Exhibition - Celebrating 100 Years of Broadcasting - in preparation.

Please see below for an important message for John Blackie, who is co-ordinating this year's Exhibition preparation. Please respond directly to John at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can help.

After the two-year enforced closure of the Burntisland based MOC museum, we are  planning to open a new free public exhibition from May.  The exhibition will mark an important anniversary in the history of radio and TV broadcasting. 

In 2022, British broadcasting has entered its centenary year, marking both 100 years since the first experimental scheduled broadcasts were made in the UK and the start of the BBC - the world’s oldest national broadcaster. It will also register our  presence back in the community and  town etc.

The Museum’s 2022 exhibition will be in the Museum at 131 High Street, Burntisland (KY3 9AA). The exhibition will feature a 100 year Broadcasting timeline running from 1922 to 2022 highlighting famous radio and TV programmes and events illustrated by items from our collection- crystal set radios, valve wirelesses to TV cameras, recalling the great moments in broadcasting history, events of the day and other memorabilia. Hopefully we can set up a broadcast demonstration for young people to enjoy and illustrate some of the technical aspects of the history of broadcasting. We also want to show how broadcasting has evolved into today’s world of on-line streaming, smart-phones and HDTV.  There will be an additional exhibit covering Royal Broadcasting in this Queens Platinum Jubilee year.

Everyone will be welcome to come in to see the exhibition -normally on Wednesdays and Saturdays over May to September. There will be no charge for entrance to the exhibition. The museum is a registered charity and run only by volunteers.

We need volunteers to take part in a rota to cover the opening periods .

Please pass on your details to me if you a happy to help during the opening, May to Sept.

If anyone would like more information please contact myself, John Blackie by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


01 Mar 2022 - Mni tnx to Colin Murray GM4EAU who is now routinely arranging Zoom availability of LRS meetings, and recordings.

23 Feb 2022 - There will be NO ASRA (Glasgow) Rally in 2022.

22 Feb 2022 - Barnton Secret Bunker museum approved. (No opening date yet).

11 Feb 2022 - The Story of EZNEC Antenna Modelling Software - Roy Lewallen W7EL, courtesy WARC. Click for recording. 

09 Feb 2022 - SpaceX - geomagnetic storm just doomed 40 Starlink internet satellites.