11 Nov: GMRT - Scottish Microwave Round-Table at MoC - Museum of Communication in Burntisland. (GM4BYF & GM4DIJ). Program:

Paul Dobie GM0PVD:

  "Getting started on 23cm EME - the first 200 contacts"

Neil Smith G4DBN:

"Reconstructing Cold War Spy Bugs"

Mark Hughes GM4ISM:

  "Test equipment for Amateur Radio"

Gavin Taylor GM0GAV:

  “Microwave in Mobile Networks”

See website for full details (click).


8 Nov 2023 - SOTA - Santa On The Air

Click for details. (Tnx Colin GM4HWO)


01 Nov 2023 - Solar Peak will be earlier and stronger. (Click)


24 Oct 2023 - SAQ Grimeton on 17.2kHz on UN Day (E-QSL)


Click for details.


Sunday 22 Oct 2023 - Galashiels Rally

Click for details

Use LRS reflector to arrange lifts.


Sat 21 Oct 2023 - MOC Goudie Lecture



20 Oct 2023 - Contesting Article in RadCom.

Our good friend Chris Tran GM3WOJ has an excellent article on planning for contesting and DXpeditions in his pages (68-69) in the latest (Nov) RadCom.

Well worth a read.


31 Aug 2023 - Mission to raise Titanic's radio from Atlantic seabed. (Click)

(Times sub needed to open).

RMS Titanic Inc, the US company that holds the salvage rights, plans to send a remotely-operated vehicle into the ship's interior to recover objects from the Marconi radio room.


24 Aug 2023 - Edinburgh Cine & Video Society (ECVS) - newspaper article. (Location for LRS Video Nights). Click.


28 July 2023 - Date set for satellite to fall to Earth in landmark re-entry attempt - Click.

Aeolus satellite photo c/o ESA.


Tuesday 17 July 2023  7:30pm


5 July 2023 - RADIO AMATEURS 'HACK' NASA SPACECRAFTNASA's STEREO-A spacecraft is approaching Earth for a close encounter in August. Ham Radio operators have intercepted signals from it and decoded great images of the sun. Click for full story 


Sunday 2 July 2023 SAQ Grimeton on 17.2kHz Alexanderson Day.

Click for interesting website.


Tues 20 June 2023 - 7:30pm - MoC Goudie Lecture - Treasure Islands




29 May 2023 - BBC to close Radio 4 198kHz Long Wave in March 2024.  


16 May 2023 - MOC Goudie Lecture


15 APR 2023 - RSGB JOCK KYLE TROPHY awarded to GMRT organizing committee.

It was presented to Andy Sinclair MM0FMF, on behalf of the Scottish Microwave Round Table committee, on 15th April 2023 at the GMDX Convention at Bannockburn. Photo: GMDX.


13 Apr 2023 - SOLAR MAX MIGHT ARRIVE EARLY: Evidence is mounting that Solar Cycle 25 might peak much earlier than expected.  New research by a leading group of solar physicists predicts maximum sunspot activity in late 2023 or early 2024 with a peak that could be twice as strong as the previous solar cycle. 


Image c/o Spaceweather.com.


 13 April 2023 - RSGB Election

Candidates - Ben Lloyd GW4BLM, Paul Nicholls, M0PVN & Len Paget GM0ONX. CVs, personal statements & interviews at:-


Vote on-line at: 

http://www.rsgb.org/main/agm-2023/cast-your-vote/ until 9:00 on 13 April 2023.

Security code part 1 is your membership number. Part 2 is the first four digits of your callsign.

Please take the time and effort to cast your vote and show your support of the RSGB. The internet voting service CLOSES at 9am on 13 April 2023.



11 April 2023 - MOC Goudie Lecture.

18 March 2023 - MOC Goudie Lecture 


 6 Mar 2023: BBC Scotland Centenary celebrated by Radio Amateurs from Glasgow - click. (Jack GM4COX of WoSARS at centre rear).


24 Feb 2023 - "Secret Cinema Hidden in Edinburgh Basement Flat".

Photo c/o BBC.

The BBC website carries an interesting article about the screening room of the Edinburgh Cine and Video Society at 23 Fettes Row, where LRS Video Nights are held. (Click).


13 Feb 2023 - SAQ Grimeton on 17.2kHz on World Radio Day.

Click for SAQ website.

SAQ was received by Brian GM4DIJ & Peter GM4DTH.  

Click for report & recording.


11 February 2023 - MOC Goudie Lecture:


28 Jan 2023 - Half-page article "Ham Radio tunes in to a new Generation" on p.39 of Times of 28 Jan 2023. It features well-known Martin G3ZAY, & Nikolas M0IPY.

Photo c/o Times.


27 Jan 1926 - History: first demonstration of "real" Television by John Logie Baird. 


21 Jan 2023 - Colin GM4EAU in RadCom

The Feb 2023 issue of Radcom p.16 has a column by our committee member Colin Murray GM4EAU on his winning the RSGB Construction Competition, Software, with "WATT - a WSPR Analysis & Traffic Tool". 


 7 Jan 1904 - History: CQD distress call was introduced. CQ meant "seek you" with D for "danger". Replaced by SOS in 1906.


6 Jan 1838 - History: Samuel Morse demonstrated his electric telegraph.


1st January 2023 - Happy New Year from a friend of Brian GM4DIJ.