Tues 14 May 2024 - Special LRS Pub Night - Wee Bennets Bar, Morningside Stn.
for Andrew Dozier visiting from USA (Otisco, IN).


Wed 15th May 2024 @2:00pm

IET Talk - "The Sinking of the Flying Enterprise - a mystery and a conspiracy theory"

by Angus Annan MM1CCR.

Anturas Consulting, 19 Rutland Square, EH1 2BB

Link to book place (click)

Details: "An adventure on the Atlantic in January 1952 involving an ex-WWII Liberty Ship. This ship had survived the war and was on a voyage from Hamburg to New York when it was hit by a hurricane. The master was Kurt Carlsen, a well-known radio amateur (W2ZXM) on the ten-meter band, and he improvised a radio that was to be a vital link in the drama that followed. Three people showed remarkable courage, as the ship hung between life and death for six days, leaving an enduring mystery and a conspiracy theory."


8 Apr 2024 - Global Capacitor Crisis - Unleashed by a Stolen Formula. (Click for historical report).


23 Mar 2024 - FCC launches crackdown on signal jammers sold by Amazon, others.

Click for article; frequencies not stated.


16 March 2024 - Goudie Lecture at the MOC.


12 March 2024 - Happy 75th Birthday to Brian GM8BJF !

(currently in Mallorca)


1 Mar 2024 - GB3EDN 23cm Beacon is back!  (Tnx GM8BJF).

GB3EDN  on 1296.990MHz has been restored by Brian GM8BJF and installed at QTH-GM4HWO at IO85jv. Click for report.

LRS Talk by Brian GM8BJF on 27th March.

John GM8OTI reports reception of GB3EDN in the depths of Morningside! 

Also Ray GM4CXM in sunny Bearsden !!


 23 Feb 2024 - VHF Communications Magazine

Brian GM4DIJ recalls a popular VHF/UHF/μW magazine. published 1969-2013.

Now DARC, the copyright holder, has made many, if not all, issues for free at:



3 Feb 2024 - First Amateur Radio Station on the Moon, JS1YMG, is transmitting on 437.41MHz CW. Reports please!  Click for info. None yet!