2017-11-13 Bombshell - the Hedy Lamarr Story                                                                                                        - new movie about the actress/inventor of spread-spectrum radio transmission

2017-09-21 New RSGB Region 1 Manager is Tony Miles MM0TMZ (photo courtesy QRZ.com).


2017-09-26 Beautiful ISS Aurora Video (Video now timed-out).

2017-07-22 Mystery 'Weird' signal from space is solved - it's not Aliens!

2017-07-13 Gigantic Sunspot Observed

2017-06-15 B.E.M. for Bob Glasgow GM4UYZ of the Cockenzie & Port Seton ARC for service to Amateur Radio, the community and charity in SE Scotland. Congrats from the LRS!

2017-06-14 LRS members in RSGB RadCom photos:

- July 2017 p.48 - Danny GM6CMQ & Chris MM0ZCT     at VHF NFD

   & p.58 - Pete GM4BYF at VHF Muster at Blackpool.  

2017-06-06 Riddle of 'Wow' UFO signal solved.

2017-06-02 Radio Shack Closing 1000 Stores in USA

2017-05-18 GM3HAM/P VHF NFD trophies Blackpool presentation photo in RadCom June 2017, p.7:

Also p.13: Mike GM8KCS & Ian GM3LGU (former member) at Vintage & Military ARS at Blackpool

2017-04-21 For sale: former radar station near North Berwick- only £3.5 million - needs some work.  


2017-04-14 Clockwork Doll from 1770(From Dave GM6KGZ).

2017-03-25 JayCee Electronics (Glenrothes) CLOSED.

2017-03-16 Chinese Radio Gun Shoots Down Drones  Click for 2nd article

2017-02-08 VHF/UHF DX Book 2017 Replica Edition free online.

2017-01-30 OFCOM Licensing System Update (via RadCom) 

2017-01-20 Photo exhibition in Edinburgh by Alan Dimmick GM0USI - 18 Feb-9 Apr.

2017-01-09 IHSG - International Ham Store Group formed by merger of Nevada Radio and Waters & Stanton, including JayCee Electronics, Glenrothes.