Radio clubs - past and present - in the Edinburgh area. 


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At one time there was an amateur radio club at Heriot's with callsign GM4FFI (QSL card below), indicating that it was issued in the 1970s. We are currently working with the Heriot's archivist to try to obtain more information on its history. So far one photo (below) of a visit to Radio Forth in 1979 has been found in the Heriot's FP magazine.

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The Heriot-Watt University Amateur Radio Society GM3WEE was founded in the late-1960s while your scribe was a student there and became its first secretary. 

The club was greatly supported by Prof. Arthur Bolton GM3BMI who provided a complete current SSB station - Sommerkamp FR110B / FL200 to equip the club station located in the Mountbatten building in the Grassmarket. 

Thanks to former students for their input: David Mackenzie GM4HJQ, Colin Wright GM4HWO and Mike Gathergood G4KFK (via his website). (Click for link) including several of the photos (1982) and the GM4AXG QSL card. 

See also article about LNC as a college, on this website: Edinburgh Wireless Colleges (click).


Leith Nautical College had an active radio club from 1971 to 1987 with radio station GM4AXG at the college. 

Mike G4KFK recalls the station set-up, which included a Yaeu FT101E with an 80/40m trapped dipole and tri-band beam on the college roof, and an FT-221R with a Yagi for 2 metres. The FT101E met with an unfortunate accident, which involved another club member (who shall be nameless!) losing the AC cable and deciding to put a 13A plug on the 12V DC cable. The rig was a complete write off!

Club members included Tony Nadauld GM3RFQ-SK (staff), Colin Wright GM4HWO, Bob Henderson GM4DTJ-SK, David Mackenzie GM4HJQ, Andy Steven GM4IPK, Susan Beech GM4SGB, Gordon Muir GM6ASN, Peter Sneary GM6HPN (G4ZLO) and Ashley GM6HVT.  

The LRS has been the principal amateur radio club in the Edinburgh area since 1947, initially with a catchment area of all three Lothian counties until separate clubs were established in Livingston in West Lothian and Cockenzie & Port Seton in East Lothian. 

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