Andre Saunders GM3VLB and his XYL Veronica travel to LRS meetings from their QTH in Kelso. Andre has had a very interesting life, including operating from Kenya as 5Z4KL for a number of years, which he described in a talk to the LRS in 2012 - click for link. His entry in is well worth reading. He is the organizer of SCOTIA - the Scottish Islands Award programme and an enthusiastic islands operator. Personal website:


Andre is an authority on WWII radio equipment used by SOE operators, especially the "Paraset" and has built a number of replica units, seen here. He was responsible for bringing one of the last surviving SOE operators, Bob McFarlane, to the LRS to describe his exploits. Click for Meeting Report.  


Andre has quite a collection of antique radio equipment which his XYL Veronica tolerates well!