Vic MM0JVQ / JA5VQ and his XYL Keiko spent most summers in Edinbugh and attending Lothians meetings.

Sadly, Vic became a silent key on 8th January 2017.

Here he is in his shack back in JA-land, where he was a very keen DXer with a fine station and antenna farm.


Vic's tower

Here is Vic's description of his very impressive aerial system in Japan:

160m: sloper, 80m: rotary dipole, 40m: 2el yagi, 30m: rotary dipole, 20m,15m and 10m: 7el
yagi, 12m and 17 m 3el yagi.  Tower looks like Christmas tree, not working well for each band. HI.


Here's another photo of Vic's tower:

Vic's tower again