The LRS Autumn 2018 Surplus Equipment Sale was held on 17th October at St Fillan's Church, Buckstone. There was a good turnout and lots of ju.. surplus equipment was sold.

There was a raffle for interesting 'bottles'. Photos soon.


NEXT MEETING - Wed 24th Oct at Braid Hills Hotel.

"Let's Talk Technical" - Q&A

David Stockton GM4ZNX (our resident genius) will attempt to answer any (radio) question that you are brave enough to ask - don't miss it!


At the joint meeting of the LRS and the Museum of communication on 26th September 2018 in Burntisland Karl Weibye  talked about:

The X Factor - a presentation of the all-singing, all-dancing Linux computer operating system and its relationship to OSX, Unix and Microsoft X'

Karl managed his own IT company for over 20 years until his retirement, supplying PC-based networks to industry. Although a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for most of his business career, he now works almost exclusively with Linux, in its many flavours.

Karl’s talk “The X Factor” was a short introduction to an alternative world for home computer users, in which one can save (lots of) money, avoid viruses and malware, experience problem-free computing and learn a little self-reliance, using the Linux operating system. It also included a number of live demonstrations.

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Dr. Brian Flynn GM8BJF, re-elected as President of the Lothians Radio Society at the AGM on 13th June, gave his Presidential Address at the first meeting of the new club year on 12th Sept 2018 at the Braid Hills Hotel.

Brian's title was:

"Personal Beacons - Arduinos & Others".  


 Hardware of 10GHz beacon built by GM8BJF, installed at GM3WOJ, Invergordon. (audible in Edinburgh).


Map showing GM microwave beacons.

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Peter GM4DTH, Danny GM6CMQ, Mike GM4IGS, Norrie GM1CNH, Brian GM4DIJ, Andy MM0FMF

The GM3HAM contest group of the Lothians Radio Society operated GM3HAM/P in the Open section of the 2m Trophy contest on 1-2 Sept 2018 from our usual site near Gatehouse of Fleet in Dumfries & Galloway. Wx was 'damp & claggy' with intermittent rain.

Definitely 'damp & claggy'! 

Map of QSOs.    Submitted score:

231 QSOs, 80,986 pts, best DX: OZ1BEF JO46oe 850km

(No. of QSOs similar to last two years).

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The LRS GM3HAM Contest Group operated RSGB VHF-NFD from our usual contest site near Gatehouse of Fleet on the weekend of 6-8 July. The Wx was outstanding and excellent scores were achieved.

The results were announced on 16th August, with GM3HAM/P winning the Restricted Section (Martlesham Trophy) and Leading GM (Cockenzie Quaich). We also won both the 50MHz and 70MHz band awards.

Submitted scores (Restricted Section):

6m:   95 QSOs  40,576 pts  9A5ST @ 1946 km. 

4m: 105 QSOs  39,025 pts  EA8DBM @ 3127 km

2m:  244 QSOs  77,654 pts  F6KCP/P @ 839 km

23cm: 30 QSOs  9,623 pts  PA0S @ 657 km

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And of course we spent the Friday evening enjoying dinner and diet lemonade in the Masonic Arms.

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