10 May 2023 -  "SOTA Old & New" by the Two Andys - MM0FMF & MM7MOX 

Andy MM7MOX & Andy MM0FMF

Andy Sinclair MM0FMF and Andy Black MM7MOX  gave a talk on SOTA - Summits On The Air - Old & New. Andy MM7MOX is relatively newly-licenced and quite new to SOTA and talked about his experiences as a newcomer. Andy MM0FMF has been licenced for 33 years and active in SOTA for 17 years. He talked about the changes he has seen and his own changes to how he activates summits.

14 May 2023 - LRS at Braehead Rally in Glasgow

Good LRS turnout - Colin GM4EAU, Bob GM4CMI, Bill GM8SQM, Peter GM4DTH, Melvyn  GM4HYR, Brian GM4DIJ, Brian GM8BJF.

"Venue was busy, well organised,  and with a wide range  of equipment for sale".


22 Apr 2023 - LRS at Norbreck Rally, Blackpool. Click for photos - tnx Colin.

 Curry night before the rally.

"Mr SOTA" - Andy MM0FMF


26 Apr 2023 Geoff Crowley MM5AHO, who has given many LRS talks in the past on his /MM activities (CLICK), returned to talk about:

"Radio from far-flung places - How to fit our hobby into business and other travel"

Having "unretired" in late 2021 after retiring earlier that year from many years running hot dip galvanizing plants, Geoff formed a consultancy advising others in this industry in how to more effectively run these plants that provide corrosion-protection coatings for steel. Visiting some 22 countries in 2022, Geoff had taken his 2m handy with him and related how 2m as a visitor to many places can be an easy way to combine our hobby with working. We also learned about the galvanising process for reducing metallic corrosion, which costs the UK, and most developed countries over 4% of GDP.

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12 April 2023 - Spring Surplus Eqpt Sale & Raffle St Fillan's Church. 

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Great turn-out of 40.

The all-important raffle!