Gerard Lohan

Following an LRS talk 2 years ago (click) by Bob Thompson of the APSS (Aircraft Preservation Society Scotland), Gerard Lohan gave us an update on their “late production” Sopwith 1½ Strutter, named "Sophie". Over the last 20 years they have built to the original drawings an (almost) exact replica of Sopwith's WW1 bi-plane, The Strutter.  The team want it to fly; when?    Click for Report.   

15 Nov 2023 - See Evening News article about proposed Sophie documentary (Click).


The LRS Autumn Surplus Equipment Sale 2023 was held as usual at St Fillans Church in Buckstone.

The items for sale consisted of a very large number of very small items!


And the sale was followed by a raffle.

Click for full report.


The committee has decided that, in addition to the Summer Pub-Nights, we shall also hold them during the winter and spring, on non-meeting Wednesdays in months with Five Wednesdays (believe it or not)!


Wed 29 Nov 2023, Wed 31 Jan 2024,

Wed 3 April 2024, Wed 29 May 2024.

Meet as usual at 8:00pm at Wee Bennets' Bar at Morningside Station.

LRS Nets will also run on these evenings, if desired.