Peter Dick GM4DTH 

The theme was the Cold War, including early space-based communications:

01 - Communism 10:41
02 - The Big Bounce 15:23
03 - Atlas in Orbit 5:37
04 - Kennedy on Telstar 1:19
05 - A Day in History - Telstar. 3.18
06 - On Guard! - SAGE 12:14
07 - Plane Talk 21:30
08 - UK Public Information Film 1948
09 - WW1 Sopwith Strutter reconstruction.

"Wee" Bennets Bar, Maxwell St, Morningside

 Tues 3 Jan 2023 - LRS New Year Pub Night

Colin GM4HWO, Colin GM4EAU, Peter GM4DTH, Mike GM8KCS. Photo tnx HWO.



Colin GM4HWO, Andy MM0FMF, Colin GM4EAU, Pete GM4BYF, James GM4WZP, Peter GM4DTH, Alan GM3PSP.

The meeting was held at Colin's QTH. After 2 hours of hard work we were rewarded with a very nice pizza supper - tnx Colin!


14 Dec 2022 - LRS Christmas Curry

Peter, Colin & James at the Booking Office

Peter, Colin, Alan & Colin at the Gurkha

There was a small (but distinguished) group of 8 who defied the arctic wx to come to the  Booking Office for pre-drinks and the Gurkha Cafe for the LRS Christmas Curry on 14th December. A merry time was had by all. 

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Artificial intelligence has been around for over 60 years.  In reality it covers various techniques.  One of them, Expert Systems (or Knowledge-based Systems) was introduced in the 1980s, and by the start of the next decade was in significant use in many domains.  We look at some practical engineering applications, mainly in diagnosing faults. Click for Report.