Amateur Radio operators are ordered to strictly observe the Coronavirus mitigation guidelines as they apply to amateur radio operating.

All ham radio operators are encouraged to stay at least 6 feet from the microphone in order to maintain proper separation from others.  The distance may be reduced if a mask is put on the microphone.

CW operators should wear appropriate gloves when handling keys.  Speakers should be securely covered with .01 micron particulate HEPA filters. 

There should be no more than 10 stations on the same frequency at the same time.

Disinfect your knobs, switches, etc before operating ... especially touch screens and PTT.  Shoe covers should be worn when using foot switches.  Use of hands-free VOX is strongly encouraged although from 6 feet away, it may be necessary to shout.

Disinfect all antenna cables coming into the station.

Only mobile stations and walkie-talkie contacts are permitted where sit-down service has been banned.   The 6 ft microphone separation guideline is suspended for these types of operation, but a mask on the microphone is strongly recommended.

Mobile operators are encouraged to remain in their vehicles except to get necessities.

Operators should leave their operating positions only for necessities.

Outdoor antenna work is allowed as long as there is social distancing among all who are present.

Hoarding of batteries, spare tubes, coax, etc. is discouraged and is unfair to others.  We are in this together.

New equipment and parts should be ordered online for front porch delivery.

Do not test (tune) your equipment unnecessarily. That is wasteful and inconsiderate. Testing should be reserved for those who actually need it.

Your understanding and cooperation in this matter is mandatory while particularly observing the Effective Date. 

(By NL7XM, received via N2BEG, Rochester NY).

Brian Howie GM4DIJ took part in the UK Microwave 23cm contest on Sunday 8th March from a site near Stranraer. He has kindly provided these photographs. 

Click for full report with more photos.


Geoff's yacht Contender approaching Rockall during a charity sail there in 2018.

At the meeting on March 11th our good friend Geoff Crowley MM5AHO returned to talk about "How Not to Sail to the Faeroe Islands". 

Synopsis: Sleep deprivation is a problem in radio contesting and also in sailing single-handed. Geoff Crowley does both, and he recounted a few experiences during 2019 when lack of sleep caused problems in both sailing and in contesting. Some further examples from 2018, including a 1000 mile round trip to Rockall added interest about managing 24 hour activity. 

Click for full report including summary by Vic GM3OWU, and Geoff's slides.



In view of the current Coronavirus pandemic with the risk of infection being passed from one person to another when attending meetings, the LRS Committee has decided to stop all meetings for the time being at the Braid Hills Hotel and the Surplus Equipment Sale at St Fillans' Church, up to and including 13th May ("What I Brought Tonight").

Decisions will be made nearer the time on whether to hold the Direction-Finding Contest (27th May), the AGM (10th June) and the Barbecue (24th June), but it ain't looking good!

Alan J. Masson GM3PSP

LRS President. 

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PS In the meantime, if you have any reports on your radio activities - portable expeditions, technical projects etc, that you would like to share with LRS members, please let me have them, preferably with photos (and not too much maths!), and I will put them up to keep the website fresh. 


The first is already up (GM4DIJ 23cm DXpedition)     - see this page. - psp.



Dave Wilson, M0OBW, RSGB President, and Ian Shepherd, G4EVK, RSGB Board Chair have a message to radio amateurs.

“We hope that you all understand the very serious nature of the current health crisis. As you are now aware, the situation has dramatically worsened and we have all been ordered to stay at home unless travelling for a specific and unavoidable reason. As radio amateurs we are in the fortunate position of being able to talk to other amateurs and chat to those who are finding it tough going. Ian and I are asking you, as radio amateurs, to please do one thing for us: search out local amateurs and arrange a sked, not necessarily on air: there are many alternatives we can all use such as video calls, or even a simple phone call. Pay particular attention to those who you know or learn to be alone or who are vulnerable for whatever reason. We are all in this together! Keep safe.”

Photo courtesy RadCom

The RSGB Convention video "The Raspberry Pi Explained for Radio Amateurs" by Mike Richards G4WNC was shown  by James GM4WZP at the meeting on 26th February 2020. Click for short report with link to the video (RSGB Members only).

This lecture is based upon a new RSBG book by Mike - see above / click here.