8th June 2022 - LRS Annual General Meeting

AGM:  attendance about 10 incl. 3 on Zoom.

President Colin Wright GM4HWO reported a good year of meetings post-Covid. James GM4WZP and Colin GM3EAU were thanked for providing Zoom facility. Viral Nets to continue on Weds while there is interest. GM3HAM/P will enter 3 contests this year. Meetings planning started - James GM4WZP.

Treasurer Peter Dick GM4DTH reported good financial year with 25 memberships and 2 good surplus equipment sales. Additional meetings expense of £141 p/a for Zoom will be reconsidered at end of year as Zoom attendances are now dropping. Membership to remain at £20 / £10 for now, but room hire expected to increase.

Entire committee was re-elected.

Committee to to consider awarding the LRS Osprey Trophy to Colin Murray GM4EAU for winning the RSGB 2022 Constructors' Contest (Software category) with his WATT (WSPR Analysis & Transfer Tool) software. 

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The 2022 LRS D/F Hunt was held on Wed 25 May, starting at the Tardis on Braid Hills Road with Fox, Peter Dick GM4DTH operating GM3HAM/P on 1875kHz AM. Entrants were: James GM4WZP + Alan GM3PSP, Mike GM8KCS + Mike Jr MM3MDB, Andy MM7MOX  & Melvyn GM4HYR. 

The GM3HAM/P Fox station - Elecraft KX3.

The winner was Melvyn Bond GM4HYR.

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11 May 2022 - Members' Timed Talks.

There were 7 speakers, all of whom kept within the generous 4 mins limit plus 1 minute of questions imposed by the chair - James Gentles GM4WZP.

Pete GM4BYF showed the RSGB membership certificate of Jack McVicar GM8GEC-SK.

The talks winner was Bond, Melvyn Bond,  GM4HYR, who spoke about a WWII Spitfire bullet now converted into a cigarette-lighter!

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RSGB 2m TROPHY, Open Section GM3HAM/P at Gatehouse of Fleet. Organizer: Norrie GM1CNH. Chief cook: Colin GM4HWO. 

Submitted score: 167 QSOs, 54,733 pts x multiplier 77 => Total Score 4,214,441 pts. Best DX: F6DKW, LOC JN18CS, 808km / 502 miles (nr Paris).

Dinner in the Masonic Arms on the Friday.

Colin GM4HWO, John 2M0JTU, SWL Ranald, Norrie GM1CNH, Peter GM4DTH, Mike GM4IGS.  (Click for report) 


A number of LRS members  attended the 2022 Norbreck Rally, as usual.

LRS group in the bar, the night before. 

Danny Robson GM6CMQ, Norrie Stewart GM1CNH, Bob Irvine MM0XRI, John 2M0JTU, Peter Dick GM4DTH. 

Among the LRS visitors was Andy MM0FMF, staffing on the SOTA stand.

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