Many thanks to former LRS member Mike Senior GM3PAK, who lives with his XYL Marion GM1DCB on the isle of Islay, for this nice photo of the Aurora on 21 March 2017. Did anyone work anything via AU? 


Another aurora is forecast for the following evening but it will probably not be visual in Edinburgh due to forecast cloud and rain. 


Forecast Auroral oval: Wed 22 March 2017.


(Photo courtesy AMSAT-UK)

Following John Cooke's talk on amateur radio applications for the Raspberry Pi microcomputer at the March 8th meeting (see report below), John now reports that he has successfully received the FUNcube-1 satellite using a Raspberry Pi 3. He writes: 'Just managed the next stage of my satellite project successfully. It uses the DVB-T dongle I showed at the talk, and the Raspberry Pi 3 (at present). I'm really impressed that the satellite is so easy to receive with the dongle- I'm using a turnstile antenna for 145.9MHz outdoors'.

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At the meeting of the LRS on 8th March 2017, John Cooke GM8OTI talked about the Raspberry Pi computer's history and variants, and gave a couple of simple examples with demonstrations of its use in radio applications. Full report.


After his talk, John was presented with Raspberry ... ...tarts by LRS Prez. Andy Sinclair

Jim Forbes of Leonardo talked about the manufacture of equipment for RADAR at the LRS meeting on 22nd March 2017.

He writes: "Leonardo is a multinational defence company specialising mainly in military products. The Edinburgh division, which traces its roots back to Ferranti in 1942, specialises in Radar systems and in Lasers.  I have worked in Hybrid Microelectronics for over 38 years. Its all about packaging of multiple bare die on thick or thin film ceramic substrates, also soft board to achieve savings in space and weight which is particularly important in airborne systems. Most of the product is hermetically sealed. For the past 25 years or so I’ve worked on the manufacture of complex microwave modules for a large number of the company’s products.  Full report soon.

Leonardo Captor-E Radar in aircraft nose-cone.

Photo courtesy Leonardo


At the meeting on 22nd February 2017 John Macdonald GM4XZN described his career - "1948-1968, 20 Years with the Post Office Engineering Dept in the Highlands" - with many photographs and amusing anecdotes.

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This talk was an update on the one that John gave on 10th November 2010 (click to link).