The LRS GM3HAM Contest Group again took part in RSGB VHF NFD from Gatehouse of Fleet on 6m/4m, 2m & 70cm. Photos Colin GM4HWO, Peter GM4DTH.

2021-08-18: Result:  LRS was again Runner-up in Restricted Section with 2944 normalised points, and earning the Cockenzie Quaich as Leading GM.

Brian GM4DIJ & Andy MM0FMF 6m (Sat) / 4m (Sun).

Also ops: Mike GM4IGS & Danny GM6CMQ.

6m: 72 QSOs, 96772 pts, best Dx: 5B4AAB 3573km

50MHz winner in Restricted Section

4m: 25 QSOs, 10199 pts, best Dx: EC7AKV 1951km

Norrie GM1CNH & Peter GM4DTH on 2m.

Also op Colin GM4HWO; Danny GM6CMQ (Sat. eve).

129 QSOs, 36035 pts, best Dx: GU0UVH 590km

Elecraft K3 + 100W transverter to 18-ele yagi at 33ft.


Pete GM4BYF & Brian GM8BJF on 70cm.

41 QSOs, 13017 pts, best Dx F6KRK 802km (nr Paris).

IC-9700 + 100W amp to M2 38-element yagi at 30ft.

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