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20 Sept 2023 - LRS Annual Visit to the Museum of Communication and talk on his BBC experiences by James Gentles GM4WZP.

 "Personal recollections of working for BBC Scotland in the early 1980s, the halcyon days of analogue TV" - James GM4WZP. 

We then toured the MoC 2023 exhibition "The first 100 years of broadcasting in Scotland".


13 Sept 2023 - President's Address

Colin Wright GM4HWO started the new club year with a great talk "VHF & UHF Contesting - past and present", with a turnout of 22. The talk described the history of VHF / UHF contesting in the LRS and included a film of GM3PSP/P on the summit of West Kip in the Pentland Hills in 1966.
Eddystone EC10 Rx and valve home-brew 2m Tx built and used by GM3PSP/P on West Kip in 1966.


   LRS PROGRAM for 2023-24 - Click

 27 Sept - LRS Net 133, 144.350MHz SSB.

4 Oct 2023 - LRS Net 134

11 Oct 2023 - "The First Restricted Service Licence - Personal Experiences" - Peter Laverock GM8GHQ

18 Oct 2023 - Surplus Equipment Sale,        St Fillan's Church

25 Oct 2023 - LRS Net 135.



Every Sunday morning in the Edinburgh area at 09:30h from LRS member Peter Dick GM4DTH. 70.425MHz FM, 145.525MHz FM & 433.525MHz FM. Then call-in to Peter at 10:00h on 144.575MHz for local net with several LRS members often there.


11 Nov: GMRT - Scottish Microwave Round-Table at MoC - Museum of Communication in Burntisland. (GM4BYF & GM4DIJ). Program:

Paul Dobie GM0PVD:

  "Getting started on 23cm EME - the first 200 contacts"

Neil Smith G4DBN:

"Reconstructing Cold War Spy Bugs"

Mark Hughes GM4ISM:

  "Test equipment for Amateur Radio"

Gavin Taylor GM0GAV:

  “Microwave in Mobile Networks”

Registrations now open for GMRT & evening dinner at Kingswood Hotel.

See website for full details (click).