Timed Talks by Members (Max 4 mins).

There were 7 speakers, all of whom kept within the generous 4 mins limit plus 1 minute of questions imposed by the chair - James Gentles GM4WZP.

The winner was Bond, Melvyn Bond,  GM4HYR, who spoke about a WWII Spitfire bullet now converted into a cigarette-lighter!

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Next Meeting - D/F HUNT - GM3HAM/P

Wed 25 May, 7:30pm starting at the Tardis on Braid Hills Road.

Peter Dick GM4DTH will be the Fox on 1875kHz AM.

Click for report with photos of 2021 event.


Next LRS Viral Net #95

Wed 18th May @ 20:00h 144.350MHz SSB.

All welcome.


 LRS Viral Net #94

Wed 4th May @ 20:00h on 144.350MHz  SSB

Report & Recording soon.


LRS Viral Net #93: Wed 27th April 2022

20:00h on 144.350MHz SSB.

Participants: Colin GM4HWO (c), Peter GM4DTH, Brian GM8BJF (Peebles), George GM4COK / DU1GM (via GM8BJF), Alan MM0VPM (Eskbank), Pete GM4BYF, Mike GM8KCS/M, Briain GM8PKL. 

Colin commented about the Blackpool trip and forthcoming LRS portable activities. Peter had been carrying out maintenance on 2m aerial. The brass radiating element had improved the return loss by 5dB when compared with the original stainless steel one. Brian was preparing to meet roofers to carry out work in Edinburgh. He was also preparing to visit his grandchild in the USA for the first time and was going to the Dayton Hamfest. George had been operating 6m to the middle east once the JA stations disappeared. Alan MM0VPM had joined our net in the past and thought to call in again this evening. Pete had returned from a Swiss skiing and walking holiday. Brought home a supply of wine and a ‘Glen Turner’ whisky which had a sherry wood finish. Mike was returning from Murrayfield and he had been helping Melvyn painting his boat during the day. Briain called in late and has been fighting with modern technology.

Report & Recording tnx Peter GM4DTH:



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