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Wed 10th November 2021 :  Near Real-Time Propagation Measurement : Getting Started with WSPR - Colin Murray GM4EAU.



Precis: An explanation of WSPR, the Weak Signal Propagation Reporter protocol (pronounced Whisper) used to measure antenna performance and investigate radio propagation in near-real-time. The theory and practicalities were explained, followed by the steps required to observe WSPR traffic and to build and operate a WSPR station. The construction of a practical and simple standalone WSPR station was demonstrated using low-cost DIY modules. The author’s station was shown. Finally, two amateur-led applications for WSPR were outlined: tracking high-altitude balloons around the planet in real-time, and investigating aircraft flight paths with an update on recent research into the missing HM370 flight over the Indian Ocean. Talk also received by 6 members via ZOOM. Full report.