2-8 Oct 2023 - Terry Robinson GM3WUX "73-Cubed" Fund-Raiser for Cancer Research. 

(Photo from fund-raising page).

Our good friend Terry Robinson GM3WUX (Glasgow), who has operated with GM3HAM/P on 50MHz / 70MHz a number of times at VHF NFD, did a fund-raiser in memory of his friend Jeremy Browne G3XZG who died of cancer last year.
Terry, who is completely blind, attempted to walk unaided 73 laps of a loop in Glasgow's Queens Park in the week of his 73rd birthday, 2-8 October 2023, covering about 100 miles. He aims to raise "73-cubed" - £389,017 - for cancer research.  See also p.12 in the Sept 2023 RadCom.