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1. RADIO NEWS ITEMS (Click on for full info).

2020-02-12 Next Meeting: "Robot Wars + Rampaging Chariots >£0.25m" Dr Roger Hill.

2020-02 Andy MM0FMF in RadCom SOTA article. (Feb 2020, pp.44-45).

Photo courtesy of RadCom

There is also a photo of Paul Gacek W6PNG who spoke to the LRS on 28 Mar 2018 (click).

2020-01-16 SAQ 17.2kHz Xmas Eve Tx report.

2020-01-14 WINDOWS-7 Support Ends Today.

2020-01-07 Mysterious Radio Signal from Nearby Galaxy (Only a half-billion light years from earth)!

2. SILENT KEYS (Click item for full SK).

2020-01-02 Dr David Gavine, Astronomer

David was a prominent member of the MoC. He talked to the LRS about Aurora in 2012.

Funeral was on 20th January 2020 at Warriston.

Click for Scotsman obituary.

Click for Dundee Courier obituary.

3. ITEMS FOR SALE  (Click item for details)

2020-01-03 Silent Key Sale List - updated- GM1CNH

2019-12-01 Click for New List - Dave GM6KGZ


2019-10-07 CODAR 250 Power Supply Unit (for Codar Tx & Rx) - Angus MM1CCR via Alan GM3PSP



2019-12-05 1946 Amateur Licence Conditions 

 from the archives of Tom Simpson GM3BCD-SK