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2021-10-13  Plans to open Barnton Secret Nuclear Bunker to the public.

Photo courtesy Edinburgh Evening News

2021-10-08 LRS 10GHz Activity (tnx John GM8OTI):

Five club members, Tom Melvin GM8MJV, Pete Bates GM4BYF, Brian Howie GM4DIJ, Brian Flynn GM8BJF and John Cooke GM8OTI had a lot of fun on 10GHz on Friday 8th Oct - such a number of 10GHz QSOs probably not seen in GM for a while. 

Tom went to Pete's to check his new 10GHz gear, then we managed various QSOs: DIJ and BYF at home, MJV on the garage roof at BYF's QTH, BJF on the B7007 south of Middleton, and OTI at the car park up at Swanston on the Pentlands. 

2021-11  L(A)RS 75th Anniversary - founded in November 1946 (exact date not known) at a meeting at the Chamber of Commerce, 25 Charlotte Square. President: T. H. Nisbet; Secretary: George Millar GM3UM. RSGB A.R.: Jack Wilson GM6XI.  (Click)

2021-10-24 SAQ Grimeton UN-Day tx on 17.2kHz:

2021-10-02 - WSPR may aid search for missing MH370 airliner. Will be included in GM4EAU talk on 10th Nov. Click for article scan. 

2021-09-01 - LRS SUBSCRIPTIONS NOW DUE! Adults: £20; Scholars: £10. Just come to a meeting and pay Treasurer Peter Dick GM4DTH (QTHR).

2021-09-21 - Congratulations to Pete GM4BYF and Brian GM4DIJ - celebrating 50 years continuous RSGB membership - RadCom Oct 2021.


Don't forget RSGB GB2RS NEWS BROADCAST every Sunday morning in the Edinburgh area at 09:30h from LRS member Peter GM4DTH on 70.425MHz FM, 145.525MHz FM, 433.525MHz FM, followed by call-in to Peter at 10:00h usually on 145.575MHz. with several LRS members often there.

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2021-10-08 Maplin N27GG Lab PSU & Lucas LSL C22 12V Emergency Battery - Dave GM6KGZ.

2021-09-26 - Hantek DSO-1060 Oscilloscope / Multimeter - £125 - for sale by Dave GM6KGZ.

2021-09-10 - Items for Sale by Norrie GM1CNH - click for September list.

2021-09-08 - Clearance Sale - Dave GM6KGZ.                     Many items - click for list.

2021-09-02 - Times VHF/UHF Vector Impedance Antenna Analyzer T-101 for sale by Dave GM6KGZ.

2021-08-21 - Test Equipment for sale by Dave GM6KGZ: handheld Spectrum Analyzer £80, handheld Signal Generator £80, Vector Network Analyzer £50. Dave 6: Tel:  0131 539 2858

2021-07-21 - Tecsun  Multiband Radio S8800 GM Version (Gun Metal knobs!) plus 2 spare 18650 Lithium Batteries and fast charger. Boxed, mint condition. Value £300. Final reduction to only £100. Tel:  0131 539 2858  Dave 6 

2021-07-14  - Maplin N27GG Lab PSU only £45

 - Lucas LSL C22 Sealed12V Battery -only £45

   For sale by  Dave GM6KGZ Tel:  0131 539 2858 





2021-09-27 - Tom Douglas G3BA (born in Edinburgh) - responsible for design and building of clandestine "Dicky Bird" radio receivers in Japanese PoW camps in Siam (Thailand) including Bridge over the River Kwai camp.