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L-R: Brian GM4DIJ, John GM8OTI & Brian GM8BJF after locating the Fox station GM3HAM/P on the south side of Blackford Hill.  (Photo by Peter GM4DTH).

The 2011 DF Hunt was held on May 25th, starting from the Braid Hills Hotel. The Fox station GM3HAM/P operated by Peter GM4DTH was located on the south side of Blackford Hill overlooking the Hermitage of Braid. The first to find the Fox was Brian GM4DIJ followed fourteen minutes later by John GM8OTI. A further thirteen minutes had elapsed when Brian GM8BJF arrived. It took a further forty five minutes before the final group arrived consisting of Mike GM8KCS, Mike MM3MDB and Melvyn GM4HYR.

A full report with photos is in Meeting Reports.