The GM3HAM Contest Group of the Lothians Radio Society took part in the 2011 RSGB UHF-Microwave Trophy Contest on 7th - 8th May from our usual site on a hilltop near Gatehouse of Fleet. All bands from 432 MHz to 24 GHz were operated under very average conditions. The weather was atrocious at times with very heavy rain but without the high winds that wrecked our station and aerials in VHF NFD last July. The statement that "there's nay coos in the field" was technically correct, but they had been there in force very recently as our boots soon testified! 

Claimed scores calculated so far:

Band    QSOs   Score    Best DX      LOC      km

432          27     37785   G3SVJ/P   JO01rj     539 

1.3           15       3220   M1CRO/P  JO01pu   494 

2.3             3         564      G3XDY    JO02ob    473




A full report with many photographs is in preparation in Society Activities.


The GM3HAM/P group after packing up (when the wx miraculously cleared up, but too late):


L-R: Andy GM7HUD,Colin GM4HWO,Brian GM8BJF, Mike GM4IGS, Chris MM0ZCT, Robin GM4YPL, Pete GM4BYF and Alan GM3PSP.