The GM3HAM/P contest group of the LRS took part in the RSGB 2m Trophy Contest from our usual site in the hills near Gatehouse of Fleet in Dumfries & Galloway. The main innovation was the use of a 2 x 17-element M2 beam providing high gain with good beamwidth. Rig: FT-736R + valve linear 400W. Entry: 

Valid QSOs: 239

Claimed points: 85552

Best DX: OZ1BEF at 851km.

Countries: G, GM, GI, GW, GU, F, ON, PA, DL & OZ

After a nice Saturday, the Sunday Wx was dreadful with 3in deep water in the Scout tent.  

Friday night dinner etc in the Masonic Arms - Pete GM4BYF, Alan GM3PSP, Peter GM4DTH, Danny GM6CMQ, Mike GM4IGS and Norrie GM1CNH. On Saturday morning we were joined by Andy MM0FMF and on Sunday morning by Brian GM8BJF. REPORT.