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The LRS GM3HAM Contest Group operated RSGB VHF-NFD from our usual contest site near Gatehouse of Fleet on the weekend of 6-8 July. The Wx was outstanding and excellent scores were achieved.

The results were announced on 16th August, with GM3HAM/P winning the Restricted Section (Martlesham Trophy) and Leading GM (Cockenzie Quaich). We also won both the 50MHz and 70MHz band awards.

Submitted scores (Restricted Section):

6m:   95 QSOs  40,576 pts  9A5ST @ 1946 km. 

4m: 105 QSOs  39,025 pts  EA8DBM @ 3127 km

2m:  244 QSOs  77,654 pts  F6KCP/P @ 839 km

23cm: 30 QSOs  9,623 pts  PA0S @ 657 km

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And of course we spent the Friday evening enjoying dinner and diet lemonade in the Masonic Arms.

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