Some of the starters.

The annual LRS Direction-Finding Contest (D/F Hunt) took place on 22nd May 2019, starting from the Tardis on Braid Hills Road.

The fox station GM3HAM/P was operated by Peter GM4DTH from a location on Wester Craiglockhart Hill.

Unofficial results: 1st: Melvyn GM4HYR (not again!); 2nd: Mike GM8KCS; non-finishers: Pete GM4BYF, James GM4WZP, Brian GM8BJF. Also a number of helpers including French visitor Sebastien - bienvenu!

After the Hunt, the participants adjourned to "Wee Bennet's" Bar at Morningside Station for the traditional diet lemonades.

Pete GM4BYF taking his first bearing, supported by XYL Kay GM6KAY and David GM3YMX.

Full results and more photos soon.