All the GM3HAM/P participants in RSGB VHF NFD 2019 at our usual site near Gatehouse of Fleet in Dumfries & Galloway. The wx was great most of the time and everything worked. New block & tackle helped a lot raising 6m & 4m beams. We achieved good provisional scores on 6m, 4m, 2m & 23cm although a little down on last year.

6m: 70 QSO, 26,131 pts, IW5EIJ JN52ps 1751km

4m: 91 QSOs, 29,734 pts, GU6EFB IN89rk 617km

2m: 204 QSOs, 63,107 pts, F4VQX IN87lx 773km

23cm: 25 QSOs, 7756 pts, G5LK/P JO01qd 556km  

And of course we had our usual merry dinner on the Friday evening in the Masonic Arms in Gatehouse.

Click for Full Report with many photos.