Congratulations to the LRS GM3HAM/P Contest Group for again winning the Cockenzie Quaich as the leading GM station in the Restricted Section of VHF NFD 2019 with a total of 2998 normalised points..

Also 2nd place overall in the Restricted Section.

Band Results:

50MHz - Band Leader

70MHz - Band Leader (with perfect log!)

144MHz - 5th place.

23cm - 7th place.

Thanks to Brian GM4DIJ for supplying these results.

See VHF NFD report further down on this page.

The famous Cockenzie Quaich.


And talking of Cockenzie, several LRS members attended the Cockenzie Mini-Rally on 9th August. Brian GM8BJF & Pete GM4BYF had two tables for Silent Key sale items of André Saunders GM3VLB-SK and sold most of them.