At the meeting of the LRS on 30th Oct 2019. Nick Peckett G4KUX/YA4F talked about Rehabilitating Telecommunications in Afghanistan. 

Nick lived and worked in Afghanistan from 1998 for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban Government) and later governments, until retirement in 2008 but continued as a consultant until 2017. He described his major involvement in the development, and rehabilitation after 9/11, of many types of commercial systems including satellite-based mesh, cellular, microwave trunk routes and undersea fibre portals.

He also operated Amateur Radio mostly on 50MHz as YA4F and talked about his experiences there.  

Nick's talk was illustrated by many photographs taken all over Afghanistan showing the challenging geography and the microwave towers he designed and erected.

Nick now lives in County Durham and is active on the VHF to microwave bands with a well-equipped station. 

Nick Peckett G4KUX / YA4F in Bamyan, Afghanistan

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