There was a turn-out of 15 for the LRS 2020 Video Night, presented by Peter Dick GM4DTH on 8th January 2020 at the Edinburgh Cine & Video Society in Fettes Row. Peter chose two films about the Cold War.

Spy in Bonn receiving a "Numbers Station".

The first was a short (14 min) from ITN Roving Reports called "The Spy Catchers" (1963). The setting is Bonn in West Germany and gives an indication of the level of espionage from the communist bloc.

Western propaganda stations targeting the USSR

The second film was called "Empire of Noise" (2006) and ran for 50 min. The title refers to the sound of the jamming modulation used by Soviet jamming stations in the short-wave broadcast bands prior to the fall of the Soviet Union in 1990. With jamming modulation playing throughout the film this was a realistic but really depressing view of the world of SW broadcasting in the 1950s onwards, fortunately now gone forever.

Click for Full Report. Includes link to YouTube movie.