At the LRS meeting on 12th February Dr Roger Hill talked about "Robot Wars + Rampaging Chariots  and showed videos of robots in combat. He wrote: 

"Peter Bennett, (who was present at Roger's talk) once a test pilot, gathered a team of engineers from Selex (now Leonardo) to assist in building a family of robots to compete in the BBC ‘Robot Wars’ programme. Typhoon 2 won the heavyweight title of the 7th BBC series in 2006. Peter then designed a simpler robot called the Rampaging Chariot, to compete in the British Robotic Games where it won 27 of 42 medals at its first outing held in Wigan. In this talk, I describe the engineering features of these and other micro-controller-based projects".

Prototype of the Autonomous Rampaging Chariot. 

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