Fresh from his 122GHz exploits (see below) Pete GM4BYF was the controller for the 17th LRS Viral Net on 29th July. Participants were Briain GM8PKL, Peter GM4DTH, Alan GM3PSP, Mike GM8KS, Norrie GM1CNH, John GM8OTI, Brian GM8BJF in deepest Peebles (now receivable by stations in Edinburgh via his vertical antenna) & Willy GM0CII. Topics discussed were the recent GM-GM & GM-G "Firsts" on 122GHz by Brian GM8BJF & Pete GM4BYF, now confirmed by the UK Microwave Group - congrats!. Also the search for a volunteer to run the SCOTIA-SOTA award formerly administered by Andre GM3VLB-SK. Pete GM4BYF is awaiting a response from LOTW to handle GM3HAM/P QSLs. LRS Pub Nights have been cancelled for 2020, & GMRT-2020 - Scottish Microwave Round Table - tbc.


The next LRS Viral Net will be held on Wed 5th August at 20:00a on 144.350MHz SSB - all welcome!


 There were eight participants in the 16th LRS Viral Net on 22nd July: controller Colin GM4HWO, Peter GM4DTH, Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF, Briain GM8PKL, Alan GM3PSP, Mike GM8KCS and Norrie GM1CNH. Brian BJF was stronger with several stations after turning his antenna vertical and reflecting off a building to his south.

Brian and Pete both reported progress on their 122GHz project (that's a wavelength of 2.5mm)! Alan mentioned new LRS website items: GM4DIJ's report on his 6m Trophy entry, and the WorldRadioHistory website with links to very many radio, broadcasting and music magazines, found by BJF. Other topics included the "Phantom Jammer" - could this be military as one DF'd location was close to the Castlelaw range?; the Scotia Trophy (possible incorporation into SOTA?); outdoor pubs for Pub Nights and a possible date for return to the Braid Hills Hotel. The larger meeting room would be appropriate to provide spacing but the problem of servery noise remains.


The ten participants in the 15th LRS Viral Net (is it really that number already?!) on 8th July 2020 were Controller Pete GM4BYF, Mike GM8KCS, Briain GM8PKL, Brian GM8BJF in Peebles, Norrie GM1CNH, John GM8OTI, Andy "GM3PYU/P", Peter GM4DTH, Alan GM3PSP and welcome return guest Mike GM0MMN in Kirkcaldy. Brian GM8BJF was slightly weaker than last week and a little difficult to copy, but did make an antenna adjustment which helped.

John and Alan both bragged about their brand-new post-viral haircuts and John even provided a photo - see below. He also mentioned his photos of Comet Neowise which he has sent to club members. Andy "GM3PYU/P" is actually MM0FMF using a SOTA club callsign (I think - psp). Also discussed were LRS hopes for participation in the RSGB 2m Trophy contest from Gatehouse on Sept 4-6, and possible continuation of the Scotia Award formerly run by André GM3VLB-SK. 

John GM8OTI with brand-new post-viral haircut


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