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                                         GM8BJF/P                                  GM4BYF/P 

Brian GM8BJF reports: Pete GM4BYF and myself have recently built up VK3CV 122GHz (2.4cm wavelength)  transceiver boards into portable systems and have been doing some tests with them. On Thursday 23rd July we had what we believe wss the first GM to GM contact across a distance of 0.69 km between two hills in Edinburgh and on Saturday 25th July we went down to the English border and had what we believe to be the first GM to G contact on the band. 

Interestingly, Doppler effects were observed even at walking speed on this band (no fire-engine required)!             
We were using the system in its most basic form with 25 mm circular horns. Plans are now afoot to add refinements such as GPS locking and improved antennas and try for longer paths having established the basic functionality of our setups.

John G3XDY of the UK Microwave Group has confirmed that these are "Firsts" for GM/GM & GM/G on 122GHz. Certificates will be awarded. Congratulations to Brian and Pete.

QSO summaries by Pete GM4BYF / G4BYF:

Thursday 23/07/20 First GM/GM qso timed at 1521 UTC GM4BYF/P <> GM8BJF/P;  GM8BJF/P was received at 57 and GM4BYF/P was received at 55 distance 700m Blackford Hill to Braid Hills Road.

Saturday 25/07/20 First GM/G qso timed at 1531 UTC. reports 59 both ways GM8BJF/P <> G4BYF/P 160m crossing Carham Burn (south of the River Tweed between Kelso and Coldstream).

Second QSO 25/07/20 GM/G timed at 1553 UTC. reports 59 both ways G8BJF/P <> GM4BYF/P.

     GM8BJF/P seen across the border from G4BYF/P.                                 (International DX !)

Full details with more photos and 3 short videos are on Brian's website at: