At the meeting of the LRS on Wed 14th Nov 2018 Prof Joe McGeough of Edinburgh University talked about 'Why Churchill Waged R.V. Jones' "Most Secret War".

During his darkest hours Prime Minister Winston Churchill turned to a young scientist, R V Jones, still in his twenties, to explain how enemy bombers were able to carry out precision bombing over Britain at night even when the skies were covered in clouds, and to find a solution. Using information from Bletchley Park and the Enigma machine there Jones provided the answers. It was the start of a close working relationship between the elderly statesman and the young scientist. Later in the war Jones devised “ Window “ using Aluminium foil to confuse the enemy radar during the D Day landings. 

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LRS Members James Gentles GM4WZP and Andy Sinclair MM0FMF did an audience brainstorming session on the design of a portable antenna for 13cm.

Members of the LRS again organized the Scottish Microwave Round Table on 3rd November 2018 at the Museum of Communication in Burntisland. This enjoyable event, chaired by Martin Hall GM8IEM, was attended by 34 from all over the UK and there were 19 at the dinner afterwards in the Kingswood Hotel, with an auction by Roger Blackwell GM4PMK.

1. 3cm Beacon Update - David Anderson GM6BIG.

2. NI Beacon Cluster - Gordon Curry GI6ATZ

3. Deep Space Project - John Cooke GM8OTI

4. 13cm SOTA Update - Andy Sinclair MM0FMF

5. Crowd Design of a 13cm Portable Antenna - James Gentles GM4WZP and Andy Sinclair MM0FMF

LRS President Brian Flynn GM8BJF (R) presented the GMRT Construction Trophy to Peter Howson GM8GAX (Alloa) for his reflectometer for 70cm, 23 cm & 13 cm.

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The LRS Autumn 2018 Surplus Equipment Sale was held on 17th October at St Fillan's Church, Buckstone. There was a good turnout and lots of ju.. surplus equipment was sold.


The sale included many items from Silent Key John Royston Buchanan GM8BYF. 

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SWR bridge circuit discussion

At the meeting on 24th October David Stockton GM4ZNX (our resident radio genius) attempted to answer any (radio) questions that members were brave enough to ask. Click for Report.

Log-Periodic Antenna characteristics.


In addition, the two trophies won by the LRS GM3HAM Contest Group in RSGB VHF NFD 2018 in July were on display - the Martlesham Trophy & Cockenzie Quaich. A group photograph was taken of the GM3HAM/P operators present, holding the trophies. Alan GM3PSP, Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM4DIJ.

At the joint meeting of the LRS and the Museum of communication on 26th September 2018 in Burntisland Karl Weibye  talked about:

The X Factor - a presentation of the all-singing, all-dancing Linux computer operating system and its relationship to OSX, Unix and Microsoft X'

Karl managed his own IT company for over 20 years until his retirement, supplying PC-based networks to industry. Although a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for most of his business career, he now works almost exclusively with Linux, in its many flavours.

Karl’s talk “The X Factor” was a short introduction to an alternative world for home computer users, in which one can save (lots of) money, avoid viruses and malware, experience problem-free computing and learn a little self-reliance, using the Linux operating system. It also included a number of live demonstrations.

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