CHL - Chain Home Low radar installation

The first meeting of the LRS in 2012 was the Video Evening on Wednesday 11th January. Peter Dick GM4DTH presented The Spies Who Lost the Battle of Britain, the story of British Radar and how the Germans nearly discovered it, a documentary about the Chain-Home radar system. This was followed by  RDF to Radar - A Record of the work of TRE,  a related government film now declassified. A report with stills is posted in Meeting Reports.

             Approaching Skerryvore Lighthouse

Geoff Crowley MM5AHO described and showed video footage shot by his son Matt MM1EUI of their participation in the International Lighthouses & Lightships Weekend in August 2011. They sailed from Oban to Skerryvore and several other lighthouses. They did some exploration and research into the building of these Stevenson lighthouses. The presentation covered the construction of the Skerryvore and Dubh Artach lighthouses, radio operations while anchored alongside various lights on Scotland's west coast, yachting and some wildlife seen on the 300 mile journey. Full report in Meeting Reports.

Paul GM4UPN & Brian GM8BJF, winners of the annual "Largest Naan" competition in 2011.

(Photo by GM3PSP)

The annual Lothians Radio Society Christmas Curry was held on Wednesday, 14th December at the Himalaya Tandoori Restaurant,  Bruntsfield Place after pre-dinner drinks at nearby Montpelier's bar. 14 members and their partners attended and a merry time was had by all. Photo report. 

Photo courtesy RSGB 

At the RSGB EGM held on 19th November 2011 at the Hilton Metropole Hotel, Birmingham NEC, all the motions were carried: creation of an Interim Board and the appointment of individual members to it. A full report is on the RSGB EGM webpage. For preliminary information about the EGM, see also the following items (most recent first):

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RSGB - a Stark Choice - EGM on 19th November

(Photo courtesy GM4ZNX)

David Stockton GM4ZNX talked about Communication Receiver Design at the LRS meeting on 23rd November 2011. He described the evolution of our current receiver designs from the beginning, showing what considerations pushed each change along the way. In addition to showing pictures of many classic receivers, David brought examples of the very desirable Eddystone EA-12 receiver and the ICOM R-9000. Colin GM4HWO brought RACAL RA-1218 and RA-1792 receivers (70lb)! Report in Meeting Reports.