Paul at Dante's View, Black Mountains, CA.

We were delighted to welcome Paul Gacek W6PNG and his XYL from Laguna Beach, CA as the speaker at our meeting on 28th March 2018.  Paul is a SOTA friend of Andy MM0FMF to whom our thanks for arranging this talk. Originally from London, and now splitting his time between CA and Berwick-on-Tweed, Paul talked about "Wilderness radio in the Western US with an emphasis more on photos than any kind of tutorial" and showed many photos of the beautiful places he has operated from. Click for Paul's blog.

Click for Full report with photos. 

(Photo of a similar installation)

John McCormick from Leonardo Airborne & Space Systems gave a talk about the Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) at Crewe Toll, Edinburgh, at the meeting on 14th March. 

CATR is a dual-reflector test facility enclosed in a 24m x 14m x 8m anechoic chamber. It makes measurements of antenna performance from 500MHz to 40GHz.

Click for full Powerpoint presentation. 

John McCormick



Stan Frey GM8ZQY gave a comprehensive talk on "Battery Types and Behaviours" at the meeting on 14th February - a review of the currently available battery types with an emphasis on lithium ion rechargeables. And he was thinking about the behaviours of the users as well as the batteries themselves!  Full Report.


Stan brought many examples of batteries to demonstrate and describe their 'behaviours'.



Allister Watson GM7RYR, who is beacon-keeper for GB7EE, talked about Digital Voice Modes at the meeting on 28th Feb 2018 at the Braid Hills Hotel. 

This talk looked at the different digital modes used on the VHF / UHF bands: D-Star, Fusion (C4FM) and DMR, the developments of the Local, National and International Networks and compared this with the state of the networks at the last talk given to the Lothians RS in February 2016. (Click)
There was a good turnout of 11 in spite of the blizzard blowing outside - "The Beast from the East"!
 Photos by Peter GM4DTH   


At the meeting on 24th January 2018, Neil Gillies, ex-GM6BZF, talked about and demonstrated 3D Printing, the state-of-the-art way of producing plastic parts. He gave an in-depth talk on how to get started - types of machine available, the software required for various parts of the process, materials, what can and can’t be done with 3D printing. He brought along his current 3D printer and demonstrated it in use, making a small plastic component during the meeting. Full report.


"Tiny Boy" 3D printer in action.