Archer Magic Lantern

At the meeting of the LRS on 13th March 2019 our good friend Winnie Stevenson from the Museum of Communication presented "Phantasmagoria, a traditional magic lantern show". 

 A most enjoyable evening! Many thanks to Winnie.

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On 27th Feb 2019 Norrie Stewart GM1CNH gave an illustrated talk on Amateur Radio Operating in Colombia as HK3/MM0BMG. Having travelled to Colombia many times since 2010, in 2018 he decided to take radio gear with him. This is how he got on...

Self-taught in Amateur Radio while at school and first licenced in 1983 with a class B licence GM1CNH. In 1997 passed the 12 wpm Morse test and gained a class A licence MM0BMG. Worked in the aerospace and defence industry since 1986 on airborne fire control and surveillance radar systems for various fixed wing and rotary wing platforms.

Norrie with his portable vertical aerial, which he used mostly on 20m during his trip to Colombia.

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At the meeting on 13th February 2019 LRS member James Gentles GM4WZP talked about "Munros on the Air". 

"Long before SOTA (Summits on the Air), Amateurs were out on the Scottish hills activating them. Whilst James Gentles GM4WZP wasn't first, his story is of the first Amateur to systematically activate every Munro in the 1980s, making at least one QSO from each of them, using repeaters if necessary.

Full report now posted with 65 of James's beautiful slides. Click.

LATEST: Brian Flynn GM8BJF reports that he has worked PY2GN near Sao Paolo in Brazil at GG56tv.

Feb 2019 - Brian Flynn GM8BJF reports that he is now QRV on the satellite and has worked / ragchewed with G8BKE and has heard GM3SBC and GM0ONN, noting that "on the whole, the satellite is not too busy". Alan GM3PSP has heard Brian via the BATC Goonhilly site, working OH1ZAA, GM0ONN & PA3FYM.

John Cooke GM8OTI is now also able to receive the geostationary satellite Es'hail-2, now called Quatar OSCAR-100, using simple equipment as demonstrated by Brian Flynn GM8BJF in his recent LRS talk on 23rd January - see below. 

GM8OTI's screenshot of what is believed to be test transmission of broadband digital TV signal.

Click for John's Reception Report with photos.

Click for John's Narrowband Report: with photos

Click for BATC Narrowband transponder now open

Click for BATC Goonhilly Narrowband WebSDR with live sound

Narrowband display showing several beacons and active stations, from BATC Goonhilly link above.


LRS President Brian Flynn GM8BJF was the speaker at the meeting on 23 Jan 2019 when he gave two talks:

1. Modern Roll-Your-Own PCBs.

Brian stressed that the messy days of etching your own PCBs with ferric chloride were now history! He described how high quality PCBs can be bought from numerous suppliers in China, and the procedures to be used when ordering them. Click for Full Slide-Show.


2. Receiving the Es'hail-2 Geostationary Satellite

Photo credit: Es'hailSat

In his second talk, Brian showed how to receive the recently-launched AMSAT Es'hail-2 geostationary satellite. He has been receiving the 10 GHz transponder output at his QTH in Peebles and has established that it can be done with quite simple gear. As it is planned to be operational for 20 years in its geostationary orbit it could have quite an influence on amateur radio and be readily accessible.

Rx set-up: 60cm Sat TV dish, PLL LNB & SDR dongle.

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