VHF NFD 2017 at Gatehouse of Fleet was another success for the LRS with good wx most of the time and good scores on 50MHz, 70MHz, 144MHz and 1296MHz in the Restricted section. We were joined by Mike GM4IGS from Troon and Terry GM3WUX from Glasgow as operators on 6m & 4m. On the Friday after setting up  our tents we spent the evening in the Masonic Arms in Gatehouse. On Saturday Colin GM4HWO provided his usual outstanding bacon rolls breakfast and a very enjoyable barbecue in the evening.

Checked and submitted scores:

Band       QSOs     Points       Best-DX     Loc          km

6m             95        33451       CT1BOH    IM58js   1834 

4m             72        26404       SP9HWY   JO90nh  1642

2m           159        53796       F6KCP/P   JN18ou     839

23cm         22          7598        G5LK/P    IO01qd    556    

More photos by GM4DTH & GM3PSP in Full Report .

Peter GM4DTH, Norrie GM1CNH & Danny GM6CMQ.


The annual LRS Summer barbecue was held on Wednesday 28th June 2017 at the QTH of Pete GM4BYF and Kay Bates GM6KAY at Fairmilehead. Wonderful food was provided (as always) and participants brought their own liquid refreshments. In view of the rather cold wx outside, the BBQ was held in the sunroom and kitchen. 


Chef Pete GM4BYF produced delicious hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken wings.

Pete and Kay's sunroom is great for barbecue guests when the wx outside isn't quite good enough. 

More pictures in Full Report.

L-R: Alasdair GM6ZQQ, Melvyn GM4HYR (winner), Mike Jr MM3MDB, Mike Sr GM8KCS

The annual LRS Direction-Finding Contest (D/F Hunt) took place on Wednesday 24th May 2017 with Peter Dick GM4DTH operating the Fox station GM3HAM/P..

The results were: 

Melvyn Bond GM4HYR / Alasdair GM6ZQQ: 1h 19m
Mike Brunsden GM8KCS / Mike Jr MM3MDB: 1h 51m
Pete Bates GM4BYF: arrived 22:13
Melvyn retained the LRS D/F Trophy and will be presented with it at the LRS Barbecue on 28th June.

The fox station GM3HAM/P operated by Peter GM4DTH, was located at NT193769 near to the mouth of the River Almond with this beautiful view out to the Firth of Forth and Cramond Island.

After the event the participants relocated to the nearby Cramond Inn to enjoy well-deserved Diet Cokes!

Peter and Alasdair were shooting video. We look forward to seeing the results. A first cut is looking good.

Click for Full Report with more photos.

Congratulations to Dr Brian Flynn GM8BJF who was elected President of the Lothians Radio Society for 2017-18 at the Annual General Meeting on 14th June.

President:     Brian Flynn GM8BJF
Treasurer:     Peter Dick GM4DTH
Secretary:     Mike Burgess MM0MLB
Committee:   Andy Sinclair MM0FMF
                     Malcolm Hamilton GM3TAL
                     Colin Wright GM4HWO (Program)
                     Alan Masson GM3PSP (Website)

The 3 wise mo.. retiring officers: Peter Dick GM4DTH, Andy Sinclair MM0FMF & Mike Burgess MM0MLB  

Cheers to the LRS from the new & retiring Presidents Brian Flynn GM8BJF and Andy Sinclair MM0FMF


L-R: Brian GM8BJF, Chris GM3WOJ, Briain GM8PKL, Robin GM4YPL

A number of LRS members attended the ASRA Ham Radio Convention 2017 at the Braehead Arena in Glasgow on Sunday 7th May 2017. As well as buying 'stuff', it was an opportunity to meet up with old friends. 

Brian GM8BJF catches a quick QSO on 10GHz using the portable rig of Alan GM0USI (L)