Malcolm Fergusson, formerly of Edinburgh University Physics Department, talked about Radio in WW-I at the meeting on 10th May 2017. His talk was about the start of radio, who was involved, who did what, development of military radio, French Radio, RFC developments and expansion.  

Marconi's basic spark transmitter

Malcolm revealed that this mystery photo, shown in the meeting notice, was taken at the French commercial radio company Eiffel Tower in 1912.

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L-R: Hector; Amed CO2AME; Malcolm GM3TAL; Moises CM2YV

On the last day of his recent trip to Cuba, Malcolm was delighted to meet  Amed, CO2AME and to exchange QSL cards for a contact made in the Nov 2016  CQWW CW contest. 


VHF NFD Trophies at 26 April LRS Meeting

VHF NFD 2016 operators holding the trophies won by GM3HAM/P, at the 26 April meeting: Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM8BJF, Peter GM4DTH.

Len Paget GM0ONX, RSGB Director; Colin GM4HWO, Andy MM0FMF, Mike GM4IGS, Pete GM4BYF, Danny GM6CMQ, Brian GM8BJF, Norrie GM1CNH, Peter GM4DTH. (Photo by Dave GM6KGZ - tnx).

At the Norbreck Rally in Blackpool on 9th April 2017, representatives of the Lothians Radio Society were presented with the two RSGB trophies won by the LRS in VHF-NFD in July 2016:

1. Martlesham Trophy for winner of the Restricted Section of VHF-NFD.

2. Cockenzie Quaich for leading Scottish station in the Restricted Section of VHF-NFD.

The presentation was made by RSGB Director Len Paget GM0ONX, a former Regional Manager for Scotland and the group photo above was published in RSGB RadCom, June 2017, p.7.

See also: Trophies  and  VHF-NFD Report. 

NOTE: this group photo was published in RSGB RadCom, June 2017, p.7.

At the LRS meeting on 26th April 2017 Pete Bates GM4BYF gave a very well researched talk on 'Enigma - the Unsung Heroes'. He outlined how the Enigma machine was used, the inputs and work required and the lesser known actions of some brave, dedicated people'.
A German Enigma machine used for the encryption and decryption of messages during WWII. It was 'broken' by the people working at Bletchley Park. Full report.
NOTE: the 2016 VHF-NFD trophies, presented to the LRS at the Norbreck Rally, were shown at this meeting. See opposite.

The LRS Spring Surplus Equipment Sale was held on Wednesday 5th April at St Fillan's Church, Buckstone Drive. There was a good turn-out including members of other clubs from as far away as Glasgow. 

The sale included a large number of small items from GM0FAL-SK which were sold by Andre GM3VLB and XYL Veronica. Many thanks to them both for all the preparation work they had done over many months.

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