LRS President Andy Sinclair gave his third Presidential Address on 9th September 2015

with the title "USB - what it is and what it does". 



As a recent graduate, Andrew Burnett joined the Colour Television Design Department at Marconi in Chelmsford in 1968. In his talk "Designing for Colour TV 1968-1973" at the Museum of Communication on 23rd September 2015 he described his role in the team that designed the Marconi Mark VIII Broadcast TV Camera and a Transmitter Logic Control Unit.   

Andy MM0FMF and Pete GM4BYF inspect the equipment for sale.

Marcus Hazel-McGown MM0ZIF was the speaker at the LRS meeting on 11th November 2015. He talked about APRS, the Automatic Packet Reporting System. He writes: "You've tracked parcels via the Internet, you can track your mobile phone - now have you ever wondered where the technology started and what else it can do? APRS is the answer but there might be many questions". In his talk, Marcus described the technology and the many applications of APRS.

Marcus is the RSGB Awards Manager and currently the co-opted Regional Manager for RSGB Region 1 which includes the Lothians. 

At the meeting of the LRS on 25th November 2015 Malcolm Hamilton GM3TAL talked on "Practical Cats on 60 metres?". Malcolm has held an NoV for 5MHz for several years and was an active experimenter when UK amateurs were first allowed to use these frequencies. Malcolm summarised his earlier propagation experiments with Richard, G3SHK, on the path between Fife and Wiltshire. Then he reviewed the current state of play on these frequencies and encouraged others to discover more about this interesting band.

Malcolm's slides speak very well for themselves; no additional comments have been added - psp.


The LRS Christmas Curry was held as usual at the Himalaya Tandoori Restaurant in Bruntsfield Place on Wednesday 9th December 2015 with 13 members present.


 Alan GM3PSP, Pete GM4BYF, Kay GM6KAY, John GM8OTI, Andre GM3VLB.

In prep - psp


Our good friend Geoff Crowley MM5AHO returned on 27th January 2016 to talk about his exploits sailing and activating lighthouses around Orkney during International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend in Augus 2015. This was one of his best: well-illustrated with many slides and a lot of video footage. This report includes a selection of his slides. 

The LRS meeting on 10th February 2016 turned out to be a double-bill, with Crawford Ross GM8HBY(L), Chairman of the Central Scotland FM Group talking about Central Scotland Repeaters, and Allister Watson GM7RYR (R) describing the two new 70cm repeaters GB3ED and (digital) GB7EE located at Edinburgh Napier University.