The LRS Christmas Curry was held as usual at the Himalaya Tandoori Restaurant in Bruntsfield Place on Wednesday 9th December 2015 with 13 members present.


 Alan GM3PSP, Pete GM4BYF, Kay GM6KAY, John GM8OTI, Andre GM3VLB.


Decision time for Brian GM4DIJ & Veronica XYL-GM3VLB.


Veronica XYL-GM3VLB, Colin GM4HWO, Peter GM4DTH (glass more than half-empty).


Colin GM4HWO impressing Veronica with what a big naan he's got.


Yeah, yeah, said Alan GM3PSP and Pete GM4BYF, we've seen it all before.


Andre GM3VLB and Tommy GM4DCL ("Distillers Company Limited") were having a great time.


Mike GM8KCS and Malcolm GM3TAL were taking it more seriously (VHF propagation discussion).


Marwyn, XYL-GM8OTI, Brian GM4DIJ and Veronica XYL-GM3VLB were concentrating on enjoying their curries.




Veronica captured it all on video.

See you all again next year, guys!