Marcus Hazel-McGown MM0ZIF was the speaker at the LRS meeting on 11th November 2015. He talked about APRS, the Automatic Packet Reporting System. He writes: "You've tracked parcels via the Internet, you can track your mobile phone - now have you ever wondered where the technology started and what else it can do? APRS is the answer but there might be many questions". In his talk, Marcus described the technology and the many applications of APRS.

Marcus is the RSGB Awards Manager and currently the co-opted Regional Manager for RSGB Region 1 which includes the Lothians. 

Marcus has kindly allowed his Powerpoint slides to be shown here: 
























After the talk: L-R: Andre GM3VLB, Tommy Menzies GM1GEQ, Marcus MM0ZIF, Colin GM4HWO.