At the meeting of the Lothians Radio Society on 24th February 2016 Brian Flynn GM8BJF talked on "3cm Personal Beacons" He wrote: "This talk looked the construction, installation and operation of the 3cm personal beacons at the QTHs of Chris Tran GM3WOJ near Tain and Graham Knight GM8FFX near Aberdeen. Both stations are quite famously well-sited and the beacons have been received at distances in excess of 500 km". He described the recent rebuild of the GM3WOJ beacon and the installation of the new GM8FFX beacon

At very short notice, Pete Bates GM4BYF jumped in  on Wednesday 9th March to replace the scheduled talk by Andy Sinclair MM0FMF who had to cancel for family reasons. Pete presented his talk "A Programmable Sequencer / Control Unit for £20", originally scheduled for the next meeting on 23rd March. Synopsis:

-  Design specification for a QRO 23cm setup.

- The program.

- Demonstration


At the meeting of the LRS on 23rd March, Malcolm Hamilton GM3TAL ran the first quiz we have had for a long time, on the broad theme of communication. He achieved his aim to have an evening of fun with an opportunity to quench our thirst, as well as to show how much we knew, (or how good we were at guessing!). We formed teams of about four and enjoyed the questions which included trying to identify various digital modes and the locations of radio events. Sadly, though, there were no laser display boards, and Samantha was not available to keep the score! The prizes were interesting "bottles".

Team 1, consisting of Andy MM0FMF, Pete GM4BYF and Mike MM0MLB were the winners, closely followed by Team 2 - Brian GM8BJF, Bernie GM4WZG, Tommy GM0GEC and Alan GM3PSP. 

The LRS Spring Surplus Equipment Sale was held on 6th April 2016 at St Fillan's Church, Buckstone. There was an excellent turn-out of 33 for what proved to be an entertaining evening with lots of quality items for sale at very reasonable prices. (We never use the word 'cheap')! The sellers auctioned their own items and the club took 10% from the sales. There was also the usual raffle for interesting "bottles" afterwards.

Kenneth Barlee, assisted by Dale Atkinson, gave a most interesting talk with demonstrations of SDR - Software Defined Radio - at the meeting of the LRS on 27th April 2016Kenny is a 2nd-year Ph.D student at Strathclyde University and is already a co-author of a text-book on SDR.  


Andy Sinclair MM0FMF, President of the Lothians Radio Society, is a keen SOTA operator. In his talk on 11 May 2016 - "Holiday HF - or how to have your cake and eat it" - he explained the procedural necessities for a successful DXpedition - knowing the rules (foreign regulations); licence conditions; travel and security regulations, and being prepared - checking well in advance that the system works! As his Powerpoint presentation is very clear, no comments have been added. Some photographs illustratiing his many DXpeditions have been added at the end.  



Information for 2016 D/F Hunt – NOTE LOCATION OF START POINT


The LRS D/F Hunt will take place on Wed 25th May 2016. Start time is 7.30pm sharp.

The start point avoids the high noise level experienced in earlier years near the Braid Hills Hotel:  members wishing to take part are advised to be on Braid Hills Road at the sign for Braids Golf Course (junction with Braid Hills Ave / Braid Hills Approach / Braid Mount (NT-246698) no later than 7.20pm, although this is not essential - some entrants choose to start from elsewhere. There is always room for those not equipped with receivers to join up with members who are so-equipped. The "Fox" will be located somewhere within the City boundary and participants should be equipped with a map and the necessary equipment to draw out bearings. The Fox will transmit using the callsign GM3HAM/P for 5 minutes-on / 5 minutes-off periods starting promptly at 7.30 pm. The frequency will be 1.875 MHz with an amplitude modulated tone being broadcast plus voice identification at the start and end of each period of transmitting. Operation will cease at about 9.30pm and an informal gathering will occur at a pub close to the Fox's location which will be announced at that time. 


Eventual winner Melvyn GM4HYR making his first decision on which bearing to boldly go to find the Fox station GM3HAM/P.

The LRS annual D/F Hunt was held on Wednesday 25th May 2016, organized by Peter Dick GM4DTH using the callsign GM3HAM/P transmitting on 1.875MHz. There were only two receiving stations - Melvyn Bond GM4HYR and Mike Brunsdon GM8KCS (assisted by son Mike Brunsdon Jr MM3MDB and Alan Masson GM3PSP). The start point was on Braid Hills Road at the Tardis at Braid Hills Avenue. The fox station was located close to the Union Canal near the Slateford  aqueduct and was first found by Melvyn GM4HYR in 1h 4m followed by Mike GM8KCS and his team in 2h 1m. After the event the participants adjourned to the nearby Blue Goose hostelry for well-deserved diet lemonades.