Bob McFarlane, a 91-year-old veteran- and one of the few survivors of the Special Operations Executive (S.O.E.) from WWII described his exploits in occupied Europe and Asia at a special joint meeting of the LRS, other radio clubs and members of the Museum of Communication, at the museum on 24th September 2014.

Photos by Winnie Stevenson of the MoC and Alan Masson GM3PSP of the LRS.

Bob McFarlane was introduced by LRS member Andre Saunders GM3VLB, a near-neighbour in Kelso. Andre, assisted by his XYL Veronica, also contributed a number of slides of S.O.E. equipment and brought several beautifully-built replicas for display.

 The lecture room at the MoC was well-filled with an audience of 37 for Bob's talk.

Tom and Winnie Stevenson of the MoC kindly provided refreshments before and after the talk. 


 One of many slides shown: Bob (on right) with Yugoslav patriots.

Click for full lecture report from a previous presentation to the LRS on February 2014.


 An actual B2 transmit-receive suitcase set issued to S.O.E. operators.

(From the Museum collection).


 Beautiful replica (1) of S.O.E. "Paraset" built by Andre Saunders GM3VLB.

It is built into a "GECOPHONE No.1" 1923 crystal set box, also restored by Andre.


 Second replica "Paraset" built by Andre into a small suitcase.

Click on PARASET for more information.


Bob received a vote of thanks and a bottle of malt whisky from Colin Wright GM4HWO of the LRS and the MoC. 



 Andre Saunders GM3VLB, Bob McFarlane & Colin Wright GM4HWO.


Pete GM4BYF and Cephas MM0INS examining the S.O.E. sets and books after the talk.


We also had the opportunity to visit the MoC's 2014 WWI exhibition "From Flags to Flanders Fields". This is the attractive guide book to the exhibition. Click for exhibition description.


Exhibition visitors.


Radio operator in dugout.