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Malcolm Hamilton GM3TAL gave his second talk on home-made wire antennas at the LRS meeting on 27th November 2013. For the report on his 2012 talk, click here.






 Malcolm has been experimenting with a number of these vertical antennas: 

λ/4 for 14MHz, 5/8λ for 28MHz and a Bobtail Curtain for 28MHz (top right in diagram).


Malcolm built a λ/4 vertical for 14MHz for only £3.50.


Malcolm (R) and XYL Sue in Swaziland.


The 5/8λ vertical is well-known on 144MHz.

Malcolm built one for 28MHz to take advantage of the recent sunspot-max conditions.


Effect of antenna height on take-off angle.


 The 28MHz 5/8λ installed at the GM3TAL QTH.


DX worked by Malcolm on 28MHz from Dunfermline - even included Fairmilehead and Armadale!


 Malcolm built a Bobtail Curtain for 28MHz.




The traditional method of erecting a high mast, using a gin-pole.


A second method, using rotation about a support point on a pair of lower masts.




Antenna erection using "Method 2"


 Malcolm (L) and Marcel PA1JPS assembling the rotation point for Method 2.


 Malcolm operated VHF-NFD with the Loch Fyne Kippers contest group. 

Here they are using Method 2 to erect one of their masts.


 Instead of lashing out big bucks on a commercial thrust-bearing for the bottom of the mast, 

Malcolm has devised this inexpensive design using a PVC pipe-fitting and a sheet of metal.


 A marketing pitch from the PVCPMB (PVC Pipe Marketing Board).


 Which generated this response from the CBMB.


Bamboo mast using a single length supported on top of a tripod of bamboo poles.




 Home-Spun philosophy!