Eric Lamb qualified as a ship's radio officer from Leith Nautical College in 1961. He sailed with the New Zealand Shipping Company in the 1960s and 70s before returning to Leith Nautical College as a lecturer, where one of his students was LRS member Colin Wright GM4HWO. His Powerpoint talk was most interesting and amusing.

Photos by Peter GM4DTH and Alan GM3PSP.

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After Windows XP ceases to be supported by Microsoft in May 2014, owners of computers with Windows XP operating system will have two options:

1. Purchase a new computer with Windows 8 or even Windows 9, if released by then, at significant cost.

2. Using the following low-cost procedure proposed by Andy MM0FMF to continue to use your existing computer with Win-XP but only off-line (for safety) for Win-XP applications that you really want to use, while switching to the Linus operating system for all on-line applications and new applications.

The Lothians Radio Society was privileged to have S.O.E. veteran Bob McFarlane describe his experiences during WWII at our meeting on 26th February 2014 at the Braid Hills Hotel.

Many thanks again to Bob for his talk and for allowing his slides to be used in this report.

LRS Past-President John Cooke GM8OTI was an astronomer by profession, although not specifically a radio astronomer. He was stimulated to take an interest in radio astronomy after seeing the 250ft Lovell Radio Telescope at Jodrell Bank at an early age. John gave a very comprehensive talk with many illustrations of Astronomical Radio Sources. His talk covered: (1) Detection of astronomical radio sources; (2) How radio energy is produced by those sources; (3) Descriptions of the sources.

Credits for the sources of the photographs are included in the slides where appropriate.

A series of four well-illustrated Powerpoint presentations under the general title "A Dip into the Archives" has been prepared by Elaine Richards G4LFM of RSGB Headquarters for presentation at local clubs, as part of the celebration of the Centenary of the RSGB in 2013.

1. "A Dip into the Archives": an illustrated history of the early years and personalities of the RSGB.

2. "A Membership in Service to Their Country" - the contributions of RSGB members in the two World Wars. 

3. "Transatlantic Tests 1921-25" - the intense competition to be the first to span the Atlantic by Amateur Radio.

4. "A Hundred Years of Amateur Aerials".


LRS Secretary Alan Masson GM3PSP presented two of these talks at the meeting on 26th March 2014:


"A Membership in Service to Their Country"


The LRS Spring Surplus Equipment Sale was held on Wednesday 9th April 2014 at St Fillan's Church in Buckstone Drive by kind arrangement of LRS member Pete Bates GM4BYF. There was a good turnout of members of the LRS and other local clubs to bid for an assortment of radio and computer gear and test equipment including function generators and oscilloscopes. A raffle was held by Treasurer Peter GM4DTH for various "bottles".  


We had two talks at the meeting on 23rd May 2014 - "Low Cost Microwaves" by Brian Flynn GM8BJF and "WSPR" by Brian Howie GM4DIJ.



The annual LRS Direction-Finding Contest (D/F Hunt) was held on 14th May starting outside the Braid Hills Hotel on Braid Road at 19:30. As usual, Peter Dick GM4DTH was the Fox station, transmitting on 1875kHz. His location was on Corstorphine Hill. Fortunately the Wx was a lot better than the previous evening when there were thunderstorms over Edinburgh!

The winner was Melvyn Bond at 20:46 and second was Brian Howie GM4DIJ at 20:50.

Photos by Alan GM3PSP & Peter GM4DTH.


At the start outside the Braid Hills Hotel Colin GM4HWO proudly shows his AR88-DF

to Jack GM1CQC, Brian GM4DIJ, Brian GM8BJF and Malcolm GM3TAL.