Recently-re-elected President, Colin Wright GM4HWO showed a video entitled "Offshore Pirate Radio". This included footage of the famous pirate radio ships such as Radio Caroline which entertained Britain in the 1960s and 70s with pop music transmissions from outside of the British territorial limits in the North Sea.

Alan Masson lived for 20 years in the USA while working for Kodak, latterly in Rochester NY. Rochester is a very active centre for Amateur Radio with a number of clubs. Alan described his experiences at the Rochester DX Association, the Rochester Amateur Radio Association, the Rochester VHF Group, ARRL Field Day, the Rochester Hamfest, and the Antique Wireless Association.

Younger operators try their hand at contesting in the GOTA - "Get On The Air"

station of the Rochester DX Association - RDXA - during ARRL Field Day.


Arranged by Pete Bates GM4BYF, at St Fillan's Church, Buckstone

Surplus sale October 2009

L-R: Peter GM4DTH, Colin GM4HWO, Andy GM7HUD

Norrie, a very keen portable operator, described and demonstrated the many items of radio gear needed to mount a one-man portable station on VHF / UHF.

Norrie Stewart GM1CNH.

Note - photo taken on another occasion (junk sale).

Dr Roger Hill

Dr. Roger Hill MBE, Selex-Galileo / formerly Ferranti, retired.

The now-traditional Christmas Curry at the Himalaya Tandoori Restaurant in Bruntsfield was enjoyed by all present.

Christmas Curry 2009 - 1

L-R: Brian GM8BJF, Pete GM4BYF, John GM8OTI, visitor, Peter GM4DTH, Brian GM4DIJ, Colin GM4HWO, XYL-GM4HWO, Tommy GM4DCL, XYL-GM8OTI, Andy GM7HUD, Tommy GM1GEQ.

Crawford recounted the history of the Central Scotland FM group and the development of the current network of FM repeaters across the region. 

Crawford Ross GM8HBY

Crawford Ross GM8HBY, Chairman of the Central Scotland FM Group