Bob McFarlane, 24th November 1923 – 30th January 2017

 Eulogy presented by André Saunders – a friend - Bob's Funeral on 14th February 2017 in Melrose.

It is a huge honour and privilege for me to be able to stand here today and add a few words about Bob, and perhaps try to fill in a few gaps in a period of his young adult life which, like many ‘old soldiers’ who have experienced the horrors of war at close quarters, he seldom spoke about.

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24 Mar 2010 - PSK31 and Other Digital Sound Card Modes (Dr Alan Masson GM3PSP) pdf (3.4 MB)

7 Oct 2009 - Ham Radio in Rochester NY (Dr Alan Masson GM3PSP / K6PSP) pdf (4.9 MB)

11 Feb 2009  - Four Metres Operation (Brian Howie GM4DIJ) pdf (795 KB)

11 Sep 2006 - Noise Figure Measurement Using Natural Noise Sources (Dr Brian Flynn GM8BJF)                                                                   pdf (1.0 MB) ppt (1.5 MB)

23 Jan 2006 - The N2PK Vector Network Analyzer (Dr Brian Flynn GM8BJF) pdf (4.9 MB)

14 Nov 2005  - Analysis of LRS VHF/UHF Contest Antenna Systems (Brian Howie GM4DIJ) pdf (770 KB)

11 Oct 2000 - RF Connectors (Dr Brian Flynn GM8BJF) pdf (114 KB)

27 Sep 2000  - Antenna Design Software (Brian Howie GM4DIJ) pdf (99 KB)