Alan GM1WYV, Ken GM4AOR and Andy MM0FMF examining some of the many items for sale.

The LRS Spring Surplus Equipment Sale was held on 5th April 2017 at St Fillan's Church, Buckstone. There was a good turnout of members of the LRS and other clubs, one as far away as Glasgow. This sale had a different feel to it with over a hundred small items from the estate of Bob Rutherford GM0FAL-SK being sold in rapid succession by Andre Saunders GM3VLB and his XYL, Veronica. They were thanked by LRS President, Andy MM0FMF, for all the hard work they had put into preparing and selling all Bob's items. Quite a number of interesting and unusual items surfaced during the sale.


Brian GM8BJF and Veronica XYL-GM3VLB


Andre GM3VLB consults with XYL Veronica ('the Management')!


Andre GM3VLB, Andy MM0FMF & Pete GM4BYF.


 Andre with an unusual item - a nice pair of Slinky coil toys!


Andy with an anemometer.


 Pete GM4BYF with an RF signal generator.


 Melvyn GM4HYR admires the balloon radiosonde being sold by Andy MM0FMF.


 Pete GM4BYF took no prisoners! (Or possibly rehearsing for his next acting role).


 Your scribe wondered if this was the return of Colin's electronic accordion from the last sale but it turned out to be an HF frame antenna, beautifully-built (like so many other items at this sale) by Bob GM0FAL-SK.


 Ken GM4AOR brought a large number of working circuit boards from TV sets that had lost their screens, allowing a quick and simple replacement to get a set working again.


LRS Treasurer Peter GM4DTH collecting the money and guarding the raffle prizes.



 Ken GM4AOR picking the next raffle ticket after winning a nice prize himself.


In prep - more soon. psp.

Above: the bags and boxes containing all the small items from GM0FAL-SK that are being sold by Andre GM3VLB.

This page is being used temporarily to list all the small items from the estate of Bob Rutherford GM0FAL-SK which are being sold on behalf of his family by Andre Saunders GM3VLB. Note that bids will be accepted by Andre prior to the actual sale in an attempt to clear the very large number of small items. This starts with Andre's note:

John Cooke GM8OTI talked about the Raspberry Pi micro-computer and its several models, and two simple radio applications, at the LRS meeting on 8 March 2017 to a packed room at the Braid Hills Hotel.


John Macdonald GM4XZN described his career in the Post Office Engineering Department in the Scottish Highlands at the LRS meeting on 22 February 2017 at the Braid Hills Hotel. He used many slides and anecdotes to provide very enjoyable evening for LRS members. The following is a selection of his slides to illustrate his working environment (on sunny days)! John has a fine collection of DX QSL cards in his shack in Currie, Midlothian. He has also been an active member of Lothians RAYNET. This talk was an update on one that John gave on 10 November 2010. Click for report.

Our good friend Prof Tom Stevenson, Chairman of the Museum of Communication in Burntisland, presented "James Clerk Maxwell" with musical interludes at the LRS meeting on 8th February 2017 at the Braid Hills Hotel.

Tom expressed his thanks to  Andy and Flora Munro for their contributions to the music CD which was played at many places during the presentation. Andy was responsible for setting JCM's poems to music and for the musical arrangements. 

The titles of the poems include the one that is sung to the 'Air of Lorelei', 'Valentine to a Telegraph Clerk', and 'I've heard the Rushing'.  

The song James Clerk Maxwell is available on this site: CLICK.

All of Maxwell's poems are available at:

The CD is available from the Orkney Science Festival website at:

The meeting of the LRS on 25th January 2017 was a talk on "How Theo Williamson's Amplifier Changed the Sound of Music" which was given by Prof Joe McGeough (above), a former Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh, and who knew Williamson in his later years..

The Williamson amplifier refers to a type of valve audio amplifier whose circuit design used the same principles as a design published in Wireless World in 1947 by Theo Williamson (1923-92) of Edinburgh. He proposed the standard which became generally accepted as the target figure for high-quality audio power amplifiers - for less than 0.1% total harmonic distortion at full rated power output.

Theo Williamson photo courtesy The Scotsman.  See link to article at bottom of report.

The amplifier was one of many achievements by Williamson who failed to gain a degree at Edinburgh University by his inability to pass his Maths-1 exam after four attempts!  Joe's talk was a fascinating biography of Theo Williamson and his many achievements, leading to the award of a Fellowship of the Royal Society in 1968.

The annual LRS Video Evening was presented by Peter Dick GM4DTH on 11th January 2017 at the Edinburgh Video Society, and was enjoyed by all present.

Before the main feature, The Dish, Pete GM4BYF: gave a very useful description of the radio communications used for the Lunar Landing including the role of the Parkes Dish in New South Wales, Australia.

LRS Secy Mike MM0MLB, Kay GM6KAY & OM Pete GM4BYF, Marwyn XYL-GM8OTI & Prez. Andy MM0FMF,

The LRS Annual Christmas Curry was held as usual at the Himalaya Tandoori Restaurant in Bruntsfield Place on 14th December 2016. 15 attended this merry event. Photos by GM3PSP & GM4DTH.