Pub Night 4 - 23rd August

Nine LRS members enjoyed Pub Night 4, L-R:

Mike GM8KCS, Tommy GM4DCL, Iain GM8LYQ, Peter GM4DTH, John GM8OTI, Brian GM8BJF,

Pete GM4BYF, Briain GM8PKL & Alan GM3PSP (behind camera).

L-R: Alasdair GM6ZQQ, Melvyn GM4HYR (winner), Mike Jr MM3MDB, Mike Sr GM8KCS

The annual LRS Direction-Finding Contest (D/F Hunt) took place on Wednesday 24th May 2017 with Peter Dick GM4DTH operating the Fox station GM3HAM/P..

The results were:

Melvyn Bond GM4HYR / Alasdair GM6ZQQ: 1h 19m
Mike Brunsden GM8KCS / Mike Jr MM3MDB: 1h 51m
Pete Bates GM4BYF: arrived 22:13


Melvyn GM4HYR retained the LRS D/F Trophy and will be presented with it at the LRS barbecue on 28th June.

After the event the participants relocated to the nearby Cramond Inn for well-deserved Diet Cokes!

Click for rough-cut video of this event.



Information for 2017 D/F Hunt - NOTE LOCATION OF START POINT

The LRS D/F Hunt will take place on Wednesday 24th May 2017. Start time is 7.30pm sharp.

The start point avoids the high noise level experienced in earlier years near the Braid Hills Hotel: members wishing to take part are advised to be on Braid Hills Road at the sign for Braids Golf Course (junction with Braid Hills Ave / Braid Hills Approach / Braid Mount (NT-246698) no later than 7.20pm, although this is not essential - some entrants choose to start from elsewhere. There is always room for those not equipped with receivers to join up with members who are so-equipped. The "Fox" will be located somewhere within the City boundary and participants should be equipped with a map and the necessary equipment to draw out bearings. The Fox will transmit using the callsign GM3HAM/P for 5 minutes-on / 5 minutes-off periods starting promptly at 7.30 pm. The frequency will be 1.875 MHz with an amplitude modulated tone being broadcast plus voice identification at the start and end of each period of transmitting. Operation will cease at about 9.30pm and an informal gathering will occur at a pub close to the Fox's location which will be announced at that time.  

Participants are advised to be equipped with a mobile phone. A coordinator will be available at the start to provide the mobile number of the fox station (Peter GM4DTH) and to register the participants' mobile numbers so that in the event of them not locating the Fox, they can request clues regarding the location of the Fox station (or the pub)! Each clue provided will incur a penalty of 20 minutes. Test signals similar to those of the Fox on 1.875 MHz can be provided if requested well in advance - contact Peter GM4DTH to arrange.

in prep

Malcolm Fergusson, formerly of Edinburgh University Physics Dept, talked about Radio in WW-I at the  meeting on 10th May 2017. His talk was about the start of radio, who was involved, who did what, development of military radio, French Radio, RFC developments and expansion. 

The decryption of the WW2 German messages using the Enigma Code started from small beginnings but eventually involved more than 10000 people. Many performed outstanding service in this enterprise – a few paid for it with their lives. Pete's talk outlined how the Enigma machine was used, the inputs and work required and the perhaps lesser known actions of some brave and dedicated people.

Alan GM1WYV, Ken GM4AOR and Andy MM0FMF examining some of the many items for sale.

The LRS Spring Surplus Equipment Sale was held on 5th April 2017 at St Fillan's Church, Buckstone. There was a good turnout of members of the LRS and other clubs, one as far away as Glasgow. This sale had a different feel to it with over a hundred small items from the estate of Bob Rutherford GM0FAL-SK being sold in rapid succession by Andre Saunders GM3VLB and his XYL, Veronica. They were thanked by LRS President, Andy MM0FMF, for all the hard work they had put into preparing and selling all Bob's items. Quite a number of interesting and unusual items surfaced during the sale. 

Above: the bags and boxes containing all the small items from GM0FAL-SK that are being sold by Andre GM3VLB.

This page is being used temporarily to list all the small items from the estate of Bob Rutherford GM0FAL-SK which are being sold on behalf of his family by Andre Saunders GM3VLB. Note that bids will be accepted by Andre prior to the actual sale in an attempt to clear the very large number of small items. This starts with Andre's note:

John Cooke GM8OTI talked about the Raspberry Pi micro-computer and its several models, and two simple radio applications, at the LRS meeting on 8 March 2017 to a packed room at the Braid Hills Hotel.