Eric Worley W0RLY, Alan Masson GM3PSP & Pete Bates GM4BYF

This year's LRS Christmas Curry at the Himalaya Tandoori Restaurant at Bruntsfield was most enjoyable, with 14 diners present including a surprise guest, Eric Worley W0RLY, a pilot with United Airlines from near Denver CO, who joined us for his one night in Edinburgh between flights. This was Eric's introduction to Christmas crackers and paper hats!


Mike Burgess MM0MLB, Brian Flynn GM8BJF & Iain Lindsay GM8LYQ


 David Ferguson GM3YMX, Marwyn & John Cooke GM8OTI & Tommy Main GM4DCL.


 Peter Dick GM4DTH, Eric Worley W0RLY & Pete Bates GM4BYF (photo by MM0MLB).


Some people like having their photo taken more than others - Andy Sinclair MM0FMF.


GM3YMX David Ferguson's naan was the winner of this year's World's Largest Naan competition.


Mike MM0MLB and Brian GM8BJF with their garlic naan which was the runner-up.


Our honoured guest, Eric Worley W0RLY, sporting his two portable microwave antennas.


W0RLY QSL card received from Eric just before Christmas.