The "Spring" Surplus Equipment Sale was held on 11th April 2018 at St Fillan's church in Buckstone. (The reason "Spring" is in quotes is that the weather had been appalling for weeks, with little sign of the arrival of spring. At least there was no snow, unlike the previous week. Many thanks to Pete GM4BYF for arranging the church use.

There was a good turnout of members and visitors, with lots of surplus items for sale and most were snapped up.

Items were  auctioned by their owners, with a 10% donation to LRS funds








"The management" ready for action.


 Pete GM4BYF



 Brian GM8BJF (in an amazingly fluorescent jacket, lit up by the camera flash!


 Melvyn GM4HYR with a nice monocular / telescope


 Stan GM8ZQY (speaker at a recent meeting) from Glenrothes.




Cheer up, Mike MM0MLB, someone will buy it!


Norrie GM1CNH, assisted by Pete GM4BYF 


 Alan GM3PSP, hoping there might be a non-member of the RSGB, anxious to buy some back issues of RadCom.

(Fortunately, there was).


 A moment of hilarity among the audience


 Now for the serious stuff!


 Vic GM3OWU, an early prizewinner, draws the next ticket from Colin GM4HWO


 Stan GM8ZQY won a nice bottle of wine.


And Brian GM8BJF, still fluorescent,  won the bottle of whisky, which amazingly had not been chosen by an earlier winner.