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LRS President Brian Flynn GM8BJF present the video of the RSGB 2017 Convention lecture "Amateur Deep Space Reception" by Paul Marsh M0EYT at the meeting on 9th May 2018. Summary:

When in January Scott Tilley VE7TIL/VA7LF discovered a signal coming from the "dead" IMAGE satellite, Paul Marsh M0EYT gave the first independent confirmation.

In this video Paul Marsh, M0EYT gives an introduction to deep space mega-DX, the equipment needed and the techniques used to identify extremely weak signals coming from human-made space probes in various parts of our solar system. X-Band (8.4GHz) is the primary band of discussion but Paul also talks briefly about S and Ka reception equipment and antennas. 

You can receive signals from spacecraft in excess of 1 billion km with a modest size dish in your garden. If you have an interest in EME or microwave weak signal reception, Amateur DSR can help you push the limits of what is possible with home-built equipment. 

 Click to view RSGB Video of this presentation