The annual LRS Direction Finding Contest (D/F Hunt) took place on Wednesday 23rd May starting at the "Tardis" at the junction of Braid Hills Road and Braid Hills Approach (avoiding a high QRN level near the Braid Hills Hotel). Fox station GM3HAM/P on 1.875MHz AM was operated by Peter GM4DTH. Photos by GM3PSP & GM4DTH.

Mike Brunsdon Jr MM3MDB, David Ferguson GM3YMX, Melvyn Bond GM4HYR, James Gentles GM4WZP, Mike Brunsdon Sr GM8KCS, Mike Burgess MMoMLB.


LRS Secretary Mike Burgess MM0MLB and Mike Brunsdon Sr GM8KCS


D/F receiver of Mike Brunsdon Sr GM8KCS


A new competitor this year was James Gentles GM4WZP, using a D/F receiver loaned by Colin Wright GM4HWO.


James GM4WZP trying to get a bearing from Braid Hills Road but the signal was again too weak (as at the start).


 View to Inchmickery from near the Fox station.

One can just make out Radio Forth’s medium wave vertical aerial, just left of Inchmickery.


The Fox station GM3HAM/P was located in woods looking out to Cramond Island. 


Equipment at the Fox station GM3HAM/P:  Elecraft KX3 running about 3W, powered from a LIPO battery.


 The aerial was an end fed well up the trees and the counterpoise/earth was a fence.


 Melvyn GM4HYR approaching the Fox station.


 Ah, I can see the antenna!


 Team Brunsdon - Mike Jr MM3MDB (L) & Mike Sr GM8KCS (R) approaching the Fox station.


Melvyn Bond GM4HYR wss again the winner, finding the Fox station at 21:06, followed by Mike Brunsdon Sr GM8KCS and Mike Jr MM3MDB at 21:11. No other competitors found the Fox!


 Mike Sr GM8KCS, Melvyn GM4HYR & Mike Jr MM3MDB.


All the participants met up at the Cramond Inn after the event.

L-R: Alasdair GM6ZQQ, Mike Burgess MM0MLB, Melvyn Bond GM4HYR, Peter Dick GM4DTH, Mike Brunsdon Jr MM3MDB, James Gentles GM4WZP, Mike Brunsdon Sr GM8KCS, David Ferguson GM3YMX. Also Alan Masson GM3PSP (behind camera).


Suitably refreshed, Mike GM8KCS, Alastair GM6ZQQ, Peter GM4DTH and Melvyn GM4HYR posed outside the Cramond Inn.